Mindy Morgenstern Murder: Where Is Mo Gibbs Today?


Murder of Mindy Morgenstern: How Did She Pass Away? Who was her killer? ( Source : Thecinemaholic )

When Mindy Morgenstern was brutally killed in her own home in 2006 by Mo Gibbs, she was a senior in college with a bright future.

What Happened To Mindy Morgenstern? Untold Truth Of Her Murder

Mindy Morgenstern was found dead inside her apartment in 2006, which was murder.

According to testimony in court, the smell was Pine-Sol; Mindy had been covered in it after her death. Although her wallet and phone were on the floor, nothing else in the apartment or either of them was damaged. She still had her purse strap and key lanyard dangling from her right arm.

According to Special Agent Calvin Dupree of the ND BCI, a belt was wrapped around her neck, and they found a broken-off knife stuck in her throat.

Beginning that afternoon at 12:47, missed calls on Mandy's cell phone suggested something wrong. As per the autopsy results, she eventually passed away from a combination of asphyxiation and severe wounds to her neck, which revealed no signs of a sexual assault.

Police then went to canvass Mindy's building's neighbors and collect DNA samples from ruling out potential suspects. They learned that Moe Gibbs, a Barnes County jail prison officer, was also a neighbor at that point.

After his work, he reportedly spent the morning at home, had lunch with his pregnant wife, and then packed and loaded boxes into the car in preparation for the family's impending move.

Through Mindy's family interviews, investigators discovered that she disliked Toni Baumann's boyfriend, James Robinson, and that tension existed between them. When the relationship "had gotten very dangerous," according to Baumann, Mindy had urged her to end things with Robinson.

Robinson acknowledged having a criminal history due to drug-related offenses in his police interview but claimed he was working to mend his ways. The morning of Mindy's death, he claimed to have been doing community service as required by a court before hanging out with a friend. They could confirm his alibi, but they also obtained DNA in case.

Other suspicions were considered, such as an ex-boyfriend's father and a man Mindy's restaurant employees claimed made her feel uneasy.

However, a week after the murder, DNA tests on the substance discovered beneath Mindy's fingernails revealed: It matched DNA taken from a horrible, unsolved sexual assault in Fargo two years before her death, as well as the DNA of Moe Gibbs, 34.

Where Is Mindy Morgenstern Killer Mo Gibbs Today?

At the Bismarck, North Dakota, State Penitentiary, Gibbs is still detained. By his intended release in 2100, he would be 128 years old.

Before 2005, Glen Dale Morgan Jr. was Gibbs' legal name before he changed it. He had a past criminal history before the murder of Mindy as investigators of the case found him involved in a drive-by shooting and thus imprisoned for five years.

Gibbs, then known as Morgan, was found guilty of attempted premeditated murder in a military court and sentenced to Fort Leavenworth jail from January 1994 to April 1998. He has served as a Navy listed from 1990 to 1999 in his personnel file with Barnes County.

Moe Gibbs pleaded guilty for Mindy's murder and nothing can bring her back ( Source : Inforum )

Before the murder of Mindy, he acknowledged entering Mindy's apartment for a limited period. He claimed he had helped Mindy carry a washing basket and other items since she struggled to do so.

Officers arrested him anyway though he denied the charges.

Several female inmates from the nearby jail came forward following his arrest and said that Gibbs had sexually assaulted them while employed. One woman informed police that he had digitally attacked her around 6 a.m. on the morning of Mindy's death before his shift ended at 7 a.m. However, it was omitted from evidence at his murder trial as too prejudicial.

Ultimately, Moe was charged with six counts of sexual assault for his behavior at the jail, one count of first-degree killing for the death of Mindy, and one count of sexual misconduct for the rape in FargoHe ultimately entered a guilty plea in the rape and sexual assault counts.

However, the jury that deliberated on Gibbs' July 2007 murder trial could not agree on whether or not he was guilty. The defense contended that the amount of DNA found under her fingernails resulted from a contact transfer from when he had assisted her with washing.

On October 22, 2007, Gibbs' second trial took place with a better organization from the prosecution. They utilized Gibbs' regular email and texting habits in addition to DNA evidence to prove that he stopped texting right before the murder and picked it back up right away.

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