Mike Todryk Age, Jennifer Todryk Husband, Detail About The No Demo Reno Host and Her Family


Jennifer Todryk and Mike Todryk's 10 years together have been relatively uneventful and quiet with their three children ( Source : instagram )

Jennifer Todryk, a beloved wife of Mike Todryk, is HGTV No Demo Reno Designer.

Today is the creator and owner of The Rambling Redhead blog. Her decorating addiction landed her on the HGTV show. Also, she is a natural optimist person who has Hashimotos. In her high school, she was honored as best dressed. 

Previously, Todryk auditioned for American Idol. She is a mother of three, and she almost gave birth to her daughter in the passenger seat of her car. 

Jennifer Todryk Husband Mike Todryk 12 Years Age Gap

According to Jennifer, she married a man twelve years older than her. She is currently 31 years old, so Mike is 43. She married her husband, Mike, a regional sales director, and army veteran. The couple captured in Allen at Armor Coffee which the pair own. 

Mike is active on Instagram under the username @miketodryk and gathered 70 k followers as of August 2022. Also, the entrepreneur had the daily profile of his wife on his social page. On August 7, Mike shared the picture with his wife and mentioned his favorite day. 

According to Mike, August 6 is his favorite day because the day he met and also married his best friend, Jennifer. It is proof that even entrepreneurs can make significant decisions at least once a year.

Jennifer Todryk and Mike Todryk's married on August 7, 2011
Jennifer Todryk and Mike Todryk's married on August 7, 2011 ( Source : instagram )

Mike wished long term bonding on his social sites. He pinned, 'Happy 11th Anniversary Beautiful… here's to however more God gives us!! I'm in it till the end.' However, Jennifer has not shared anything special on her important day. 

On April 3, 2021, the entrepreneur knew his wife had a show on HGTV. He posted the pictures from the watch party he put together for his spouse. It was a party for his close friends and family to share this moment with her. Even Jennifer's mom, aunt, and friends stepped up and helped her. 

If you are interested in Jenn Todryk's hair, she has red-colored natural long hair. However, sometimes the host dyes her hair brown to look stylish.

No Demo Reno Host's Jennifer Todryk Family And Children

Jennifer has a supportive family. On July 7, the designer shared the beautiful home of her grandparents. They lived in the house for more than 55 years. Finally, they are saying goodbye to it. The home was a part of the host's childhood. 

While Jennifer lived far from her mom's parents, she always made it up in the summer and a couple of Christmas. She often traveled to her grandparent's house because she wanted to see snow. Jennifer felt sad to have her last trip to her ancestor's house. 

However, Jennifer is happy and excited her grandma will come closer to them. She lived10 years as a child and a whopping four years as an adult in her grandma's house. Bedside this, she often shared a picture with her children. 

Jennifer Todryk visited her grandma's old house with her husband and children
Jennifer Todryk visited her grandma's old house with her husband and children ( Source : instagram )

Von is the elder child in the family. He is currently six years old. According to Mike, his older son is one of the calmest and most handsome kids around. The father and son spend this week at the Dude Perfect show alongside great friends. 

Berkley is the middle child, and Vivienne is the youngest in the Todryk family. On August five, Mike shared father-daughter bonding. He shared his daughter's picture and pinned, 'Date night with this beautiful person. Berkley makes life so much more joyful.'

Mike added that he loves his daughter so much, and the entrepreneur keeps doing these nights as long as she lets him do it. 

Mike Todryk and Jennifer Todryk Net worth: How Much These Couples Earn?

Jennifer and Mike estimated net worth is above $2 million. The couple had a fortune as television personalities and businesspeople. Analyzing their profile, they are living a luxurious life with their kids. The host and her husband won a lock coffee shop named Armor Coffee in Allen, Texas. Jennifer started her journey as a blogger when she was at a low point. 

After having her second kid Berkely, motherhood was tough for her. She felt she didn't have an identity as she was a workaholic. The host used to bring work home and found joy in presenting and making things. As a mother of two, she needed some change and created something.

YearEstimated Net Worth
2022$2 million

Jennifer became viral after fifteen weeks of blogging. It was unbelievable for the HGTV host, so she restarted her computer. She felt lucky how fast she grew up in her platforms. In 2018, a production company reached her and asked her to shoot for them. 

In the video, she works alongside her friend in home decorating. In the process, she became pregnant with her third child. After rejecting the project with her friend, she gets an email from another production company. 

HGTV's House Hunter host Lauren Risley, an influential real estate agent, net worth is estimated to be $10 million.

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