Margaret Urlich Husband George Gorga: Details About Kiwi's Amazing Vocalist


argaret Urlich died after a two-and-a-half-year battle with cancer. ( Source : instagram )

Margaret Urlich, the partner of George Gorga, was a New Zealand singer who died on 2022. 

Urlich was a singer who moved to Sydney, Australia, to follow a singing career in 1988. She was from New Zealand and dreamed of becoming a singer and stepping forward to work on her passion. After moving to Sydney, she made her first debut in 1989. The album named Safety in Numbers was her first solo album which received the 1991 ARIA Awards. 

Additionally, The album received the title of Breakthrough Artist Album. After following that, she worked on the album Chameleon Dreams, which reached success in 1992. She was both acknowledged in New Zealand and Australia. 

During Urlich's career phase, her album sold over 400,000 and ranked the most successful recording artist in New Zealand. In 1993, the singer was a member of Export Music Australia and Austrade's second Wizards of Oz promotion. She traveled with fellow singer Rick Price in Japan and the team Yothu Yindi. 

Some Quick Facts:

Birth nameMargaret Mary Urlich
Born24 January 1965
Birth PlaceAuckland, New Zealand
DiedAugust 22, 2022 (aged 57)
Southern Highlands, New South Wales, Australia
PartnerGeorge Gorga
Brother Pat Urlich
 CousinPeter Urlich
GenresRock, pop, new wave, jazz
Years active1985–2022
LabelsCBS, Sony, Columbia

Margaret Urlich Husband George Gorga: Her Partner

George Gorga is the partner of the singer Urlich. He is a sound designer named Best Live Sound Engineer in 1991 at the Australian Music Industry Awards. George soon featured in the entertainment industry and was directive to record and blend.

In some cases, he used to produce the music of different top performers, including Let's Get Together with Jimmy Barnes, Margaret Urlich & Stylus, and Midnight Oil.

RIA Award-winning New Zealand singer Margaret Urlich was the partner of George Gorga
RIA Award-winning New Zealand singer Margaret Urlich was the partner of George Gorga ( Source : twitter )

Afterward, George started working as a Sound Designer on varieties of projects. There are numerous projects like Sweeney Todd (MTC), Sanctuary Cove Opening with Frank Sinatra, and more. Besides this, he worked with Peter Allen in Carols by Candlelight and different Australia Day spectaculars.

George emerged in Live Television Events and possessed the ARIA Awards and The Footy Show Grand Final. His recent projects contain World Youth Day, the Papa Mass, and Live Earth Concert. Currently, he is a member of the Sydney Dance Company.

Margaret Urlich is an Australian-based singer who had an Ava-named daughter from her hidden pregnancy.

Kiwi's Amazing Vocalist Margaret Urlich Family Details 

Urlich family may be mourning the loss of their loved one. The singer struggled for two and a half years after being identified with cancer. At age 57, the musician died on August 22, 2022, surrounded by her household in the southern Highlands at her home.  

Pat Urlich is the sibling of the singer Margaret. He is a member of Peking Men, founded in the 1980s. Also, the band included Tim Calder, Perry Marshall, Jan Foulkes, Neville Hall, John Fearon, and Jay F-Bula.

Margaret Urlich died peacefully yesterday surrounded by family at her home.
Margaret Urlich died peacefully yesterday surrounded by family at her home. ( Source : twitter )

In Margaret's homeland, the band came to number hit. In 1985, Margaret's brother had nominated as the male of the Year for representing the group Peking Man. The group was active in 1985, and in 1988 the band collapsed. 

Urlich was the cousin of the New Zealand singer Peter Urlich. Her relative completed his studies in the suburb of Glen Innes, Auckland, at Sacred Heart College. The musician began his career in the 1970s after becoming a member of the brand Chillum in his school days with his friends Ian Morris and Glendowie College boys Andrew Bayliss, Glenn Owen, and Bruce Murdoch.

In 2019, Peter had nominated for the New Zeland Music Hall of Fame title as part of Th' Dudes. 

According to Yvan's management team, he had treatment abroad for pancreatic cancer on August 4, 2021. Later, the renowned singer Yvan Buravan demise at the age of 27.  

Margaret Urlich Net Worth 2022; How Much New Zealand Singer Earn?

Urlich estimated net worth till 2022 is around $1.5 million. She started her carrer as the vocalist for a band named Peking man, where she performed with her brother and other team members. Peking Man was honored with the title 1984 Shazam! Battle of The Bands and shared several hit songs in the 1980s. 

Later, Urlich became a member of the New Zealand all-girl pop group. The group was formed in New Zealand in 1985, 'When The Cat's Away.' In 1988, the musician transferred to Australia and recorded at Studios 301 called Safety in Numbers. In 1989, the album was released in New Zealand and reached number 4 in December 1989. The album peaked at number 5 on the Australian album charts after releasing in 1990. 

YearEstimated Net Worth
2022$1.5 million

In March 1991, Urlich provided a recording budget of half-million-dollar for her second album, Chameleon Dreams, alongside English writer and producer Robyn Smith. He is the man behind her successful debut. Later, the singer went to London to write a song with the reputed writer Rob Fisher. In Los Angeles, the singer met Ian Prince, Grammy Awards winner, writer, and producer. She worked on two songs with him, and he produced four tracks at that time. 

Moreover, Urlich worked with Simon Law and Tony Swain when she returned to London. Her album Chameleon Dreams received Best Selling New Zealand Artist of the Year at World Music Awards in 1992 in Mone Carlo. She even performed Love Train at the award ceremony. 


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