Louis Cato Announced As New Bandleader For Stephen Colbert, Here Is What We Know About Him

Louis Cato replaces Jon Batiste as the bandleader in Colbert's late show ( Source : Edition )

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert announced on August 12 that his late-night show would have a new band leader named Louis Cato, replacing the former band leader, Jon Batiste.

Colbert shared that his former band leader and fan favorite, Jon Batiste left the show to follow his passion and pursue his music career.

Louis Cato: Stephen Colbert's New Bandleader

Louis Cato is a multi-instrumental musician who recently joined the Late Show with Stephen Colbert as the new bandleader of the show, and the show's host has nothing but praise for his new bandleader.

Colbert described Louis as a musical genius saying, "He can play every instrument on that stand over there. Give him an afternoon, and he'll learn how to play Mozart on a shoehorn."

Cato has been playing drums since the age of two and has now learned to play bass, low brass, guitar, percussion, and more instruments while also being a vocalist.

Louis Cato's appearance on The Late Show is not his first appearance, as he has worked with Stephen in the past in the absence of his former bandleader, Jon Batiste as the interim bandleader back in 2015 for the band, Stay Human.

Stephen recognized the talented man and, on August 12, 2022, announced that he would be joining the show as the new bandleader, formally taking over on September 6.

Louis is a Portuguese musician who grew up in the States in North Carolina and attended music school at the Berklee College of Music for two semesters. He released his first solo record in 2016, titled Starting Now, under the RSVP record label.

Cato is more into the jazz and R&B genre of music and released an album named Mirrors in 2020 and is set to release another album called Reflections in 2022, which he announced is in post-production.

Who Is The Late Show Band's Bandleader's Girlfriend, Gisela João?

The new bandleader of the Late Show Band, Louis Cato, was dating another musician named Gisela Joao who he worked with in the band The Mirrors during the release of his first jazz supergroup album.

Currently, the two are not seen together on their social media, which leads his fans to believe that the couple split earlier this year. But Louis and Gisela lived together during the beginning of the pandemic in Lisbon.

Louis Cato and his former girlfriend, Gisela, even have a single together from their album Mirrors named 'The Call.'

Gisela is a Portuguese singer specializing in the Fado genre, which portrays the historic 1820s music of Portugal. The two made a great team with Louis's gospel and contemporary Christian genres and interest in jazz.

Cato's former girlfriend is best known as a solo interpreter who interprets songs and poems, paying homage to some huge names in the industry like Amy Winehouse, Nick Cave, Violeta Parra, and many more.

Joao rose to international fame and went on to live show tours worldwide in 2014; after her debut in 2013 and made a name for herself in the music industry.

Louis Cato's Net Worth In 2022

Louis Cato's net worth is presumed to be around $2 million in 2022, with his appearance in Cobert's late show as the band leader and his earnings as a musician.

Cato has been in the music industry for a long time, and although he only hit the limelight from the late show band, he has been working as a singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

The new bandleader of the late show has a new album in post-production and has former albums released, along with having worked with big names like Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and John Legend, to name a few.

Louis Cato And His New Band Members

Louis Cato is taking over the Late Show with Stephen Colbert's band replacing Jon Batiste as the band leader, but the talented band member will be joining him and renaming the band, The Late Show Band.

Cato's band members include Joe Saylor, Negah Santos, Endea Owens, Louis Fouche, and Jon Lampley. Being a multi-instrumentalist, the leader can play almost all the instruments, but he will be sticking primarily to electric and acoustic guitar and bass for the show with his band.

Louis Cato and the band on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert ( Source : Instagram )

As for the other band members, Joe Saylor will be on drums and vocals, Negah Santos on vocals and percussion, Endea Owens on bass, Louis Fouche will be responsible for the saxophone, and Jon Lampley on trumpet and tuba.

Louis Cato and his new band members will permanently take over as the new house band of the late show calling themselves The Late Show Band starting September of 2022.


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