Lil Frex Wikipedia Bio And Age - How Old Is She? Details About The Musician

Up-And-Rising Rap Artist And Actor Emma Carol aka Lil Frex ( Source : Imdb )

Emma Carroll, popularly known by her stage name, Lil Freckles or Lil Frex, is an on-the-rise rapper, singer, and comedian from New York, United States of America.

Lil Frex started working on her hobby of being a rap artist from a young age in 2013. Since then, Lil Frex has released several songs, like Next Level B*tch, Us Over Everything, and Rules. 

The music artist has performed all over the United States of America, and Eric Andre and other famous people like her music and rap songs. She released her Extended Play debut, Sleep On It, in January 2017. She later released a follow-up album at the end of the same year.

The rising rap song artist is known for her provocative, witty, and powerful lyrical skills. Her latest song 'Tine Dreams, was released in 2020 and can be listened to through online music streaming platforms like Sound Cloud and iTunes. She is a unique, talented, and compelling music performer.

Rap Artist Lil Frex: How Old Is The Music Artist?

Lil Frex was born on January 9, 1988, in New York City, the United States of America. She made a name for herself by presenting witty rap songs about life as a Brooklyn millennial.

She began to perform for recognization as a rap artist when she 25-years-old. The music artist might have been working on improving her rap skills from an early age.

At 23, the rap artist landed herself the opportunity to play the role of an additional crew on the comedy-drama series The Good Wife (2009) as a production assistant. According to IMDb, she was featured on 40 episodes from 2011-2013.

Snap Of Lil Frex With Her Mother During Her Mother's Weeding ( Source : Instagram )

The music artist has also made some on-screen appearances as an actress. Some of her screen work on television series includes Actor (2011), GIrls (2014), and Melatony's Oscar Guide (2019).

Lil Frex Boyfriend. Who Is She Dating?

Lil Frex is single and in a relationship with her career as she constantly works to improve her skills. Although she is very secretive about her relationships and dating life, she has described her dream guy in one of her songs.

However, she speaks about her dream boyfriend in the second last song on her eight-track mix tape. She says she wants a picture with Missy and a boyfriend from RIS-D. But, of course, the term RIS-D might mean Rhode Island School of Design.

Currently, Lil Frex is dating no one and enjoys her single life. She might have been in a few previous relationships, but no evidence supports the claim. The singer performs live music throughout the country and enjoys her life to the fullest.

The up-and-rising rapper seeking stardom has played the role of a prominent character in the popular television series A League Of Their Own. In addition, she portrays the role of Ana in the comedy series, which is an adaptation of the 1992 American movie of the same name. 

Meet Lil Frex On Instagram

Rap artist who also works as an actress is active on Instagram. She periodically posts about her life events and projects she has been working on her Instagram. 

Over the years, the rap song artist native to New York has amassed several thousand followers on her Instagram. She uses her Instagram to promote her merchandise. She has over five hundred posts on her profile.


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