Leah Charles King Age: A Place In The Sun Presenter and Her Career Details

Leah Charles King is the founder and public speaking coach at ​The Red Carpet Academy ( Source : Instagram )

Leah Charles-King has more than 30 years of experience working in the media and entertainment sector as a musician, presenter on TV and radio, producer, host of live events, and public speaker.

Leah Charles King is also the creator and public speaking trainer at The Red Carpet Academy, which trains spokespeople, companies, and influencers in on-camera techniques.

Multi-award-winning TV and radio host, producer, speaker, and media trainer Leah Charles-Kings' road has been filled with ups and downs, detours, and turns.

Leah is a skilled presenter who has created and hosted programs that were broadcast in Europe, the United States, and Africa. She has amassed over 100,000 hours of live, unscripted, non-autocued TV presenting experience.

Leah Charles King Age- How Old Is He? 

Fans have not yet learned Leah Charles King's age. Her birthdates are similarly concealed below the drapes. According to her photos, she appears to be between 25 and 30 years old.

Leah is an ambassador for Bipolar UK and wants to use her position as a broadcaster to spread awareness about mental health issues. Leah has worked for some of the largest media firms in the world, and she has socialized with many famous people, actors, musicians, and world leaders.

Leah Charles King music career began in the 1990s ( Source : Instagram )

However, she has also experienced rejection and been forced to consider "What's my next step?" She has the strong and exceptional capacity to coach and mentor hundreds of aspiring TV presenters and public speakers because of this mix of the highest highs and the lowest lows.

She is a terrific presenter on and off-screen because of her background, untapped potential, and more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

Who Is Leah Charles Kings? Her Net Worth 

According to reports, Leah Charles King has an estimated net worth of $17 million. The presenter has several speaking engagements as a host of prestigious events held nationwide.

Additionally, she has produced and hosted shows broadcast in Europe, the US, and Africa. According to estimates, more than 200 million people watched the show on television worldwide.

She pursued her on-screen dreams as a child actress early in her career. She made her musical debut as a teenager as a founding member of the R&B group Kle'shay, which was signed to Sony Music.

Leah Charles King in Spain ( Source : Instagram )

Following ten fruitful years that saw her chart in the top 20 in the UK, top the R&B charts, and make several TV appearances, she returned to television, this time as a TV presenter and live correspondent.

She now takes pleasure in hosting important events at some of the world's most recognizable locations and accepting international presenting duties.

Additionally to hosting and producing weekly flagship music, entertainment, and debate show on multi-award-winning The Beat London 103.6FM, she is one of the Jackpot247 on ITV's faces.

She also owns her own media production firm. She serves as the founder and head coach of The Red Carpet Academy, which trains aspiring presenters and business owners on how to be more professional on camera.

Leah Charles King Husband- Is She Married? 

The name of Leah Charles King's spouse remains a mystery. Her romantic life isn't mentioned on her social media accounts either.

Currently, she hasn't been connected to any other personalities. The Internet does not have any information on her affair. Leah first discussed her ongoing struggle in public in 2019, seven years after receiving a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

To normalize the discourse and eliminate mental illness stigma, Leah started her platform where she presents and creates content on mental health and wellbeing. Since then, she has openly discussed her mental health difficulties in several podcasts and interviews.

Most recently, she filmed a segment for BBC One's The One Show titled "Bipolar and Me."


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