Kobe Bryant Autopsy Report and Sketch Photos From Reddit As Vanessa Bryant Trial Continues

Kobe Bryant Was A Professional Basketball Player ( Source : Time )

Kobe Bryant's autopsy report circulates on Reddit. People have been asking to take those images down from the internet. 

On the other hand, his wife, Vanessa Bryant, is seeking unspecified millions in compensation for the pictures taken of his corpse after he was killed in a helicopter crash along with his daughter and seven others.

She is suing Los Angeles County sheriffs and fire departments for invasion of privacy. 

Kobe Bryant Autopsy Report From Reddit

Kobe Bryant, his teenage daughter, and seven others died in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020. The day is marked as a dark day in the history of sports.

The world tragically lost a legend. Following his death, the autopsy report showed that he suffered blunt trauma and had 30% burns when he passed away from severe brain injuries. 

Recently, images of his autopsy report have emerged on Reddit, showing that parts of his body were also dismembered. The pictures have been shared online several times. 

Some fans have been enraged for finding the images circulating online. They argue that it is disgraceful and hope it will be taken down soon. 

Besides that, his wife, Vanessa Bryant, has filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County sheriffs and fire departments for allegedly taking unauthorized photos of deceased people at the scene of an accident or crime and sharing it publicly with other people. 

Twitter Reaction On The Kobe Bryants Sketch Photos

People have advocated for other netizens to stop sharing the sketch photos of Kobe Bryant's autopsy report. Recently, the pictures have been viral on major social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. 

Many people have retweeted the images or shared them online. In addition, the summary of the report was publicized three months after the accident. 

However, recently, the sketches detailing where the burns were in his body and the dismembered part of his body have surfaced online. This kind of image cause distress and emotional trauma to the deceased's family, fans argue. 

Thus, people have requested everyone to stop sharing those disturbing images and respect the dead. 

Trial Begins Regarding Kobe Bryant Dead Body Photos

A U.S. District Court held a privacy invasion trial against the Los Angeles County sheriffs and fire departments on Wednesday. Vanessa, Bryant's widow, claimed that deputies shared the images with the firefighters who arrived at the scene of the incident on January 26, 2020, rather than taking them for investigative purposes.

According to the lawsuit, a deputy showed the images to bar customers and a firefighter to off-duty coworkers. When Victor Gutierrez, a bartender, was questioned if he had seen the body of Vanessa's daughter in the pictures, she became emotional. 

The bartender was summarizing what he saw and when Vanessa heard him, she sobbed, got to her feet, and her lawyer asked the presiding judge to let her leave the courtroom, as per CNN. 

Kobe Bryant and his daughter passed away tragically in 2020 ( Source : Myrepublica )

The September 2020 lawsuit seeks unspecified damages and makes allegations of civil rights violations, negligence, emotional distress, and privacy violation.

Vanessa's lawyer claims that those images are highly likely to surface online. And, if it happened, it would be an emotional trauma to the deceased's family. However, the sheriff had said in March 2020 that all of the images of the incident that were in the deputies' hands were destroyed.


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