Joyce Mandel Death and Obituary: William Cullen Bryant Fellows Founder Passed Away

American art collector, Joyce Mandel passes away at age 95 ( Source : Legacy )

American art collector and the founder of Willian Cullen Bryant Fellows, Joyce Mandel, passed away on August 7 at the age of 95, surrounded by her loved ones.

Joyce amassed a vast collection of American art during her life along with her husband, Erving Wolf, and made considerable contributions to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Joyce Mandel Death And Obituary

Joyce Mandel’s obituary states that she passed away at 95 after living a long and happy life surrounded by art, her family, and loved ones on August 7, 2022.

The elderly was best known for her exquisite taste in American art and for owning one of the most diverse art collections in America.

Her funeral will be held at the Frank R. Campbell The Funeral Chapel while she will be an aid to rest at the family’s cattle ranch in Ridgeway, Colorado, alongside her husband and children.

The art collector will be dearly missed by her loving family and the American art community, who she was a massive part of during her younger days.

She lived her life following her passion for art and collecting art but never kept it to herself as she wanted others to have a chance to admire the beauty of her art collection as well.

William Cullen Bryant Fellows Foundeing Member, Joyce Mandel

Joyce Mandel was a founding member of the William Cullen Bryant Fellows group, which brings together collectors and supporters of American art on one platform.

The art collector was born and raised in Brooklyn but married her husband, Erving Wolf, who was from Wyoming, and her interest in collecting art started in the 1960s after she moved to Denver with her husband.

After marrying Erving, they moved to Denver to live a quiet family life where she found attractive rugs, jewelry, and pots and started collecting them as a hobby.

Soon, she started collecting more artworks, from paintings to sculptures and furniture and started her little collection in the 70s.

Mandel and her husband donated some of their collections to art museums, including the Art Museum in Denver and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, while loaning other artworks to various museums for display.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art where Joyce Mandel donated her art collection ( Source : Media )

She played a significant role in preserving and collecting American history through pieces of artwork throughout her life.

The group she founded, Willian Cullen Bryant, also provides art scholarships and hosts various exhibitions of American artworks.

What Happened To Joyce Mandel?

Joyce Mendel died at the age of 95, seemingly of prostate cancer, as her family asked for donations in her name to the Prostate Cancer Action Group in her obituary.

The American art enthusiast lived her life in bliss alongside her husband and children, following her dreams and enjoying her hobbies, being true to herself, and beating the average life expectancy rate.

Mandel’s family will lay her to rest alongside her predeceased husband, daughter, Diane, and her son, Daniel. Her remaining family includes her son, Mathew, her five grandchildren, Daisy, Henry, India, Benjamin, and Rachel, and her daughters-in-law will dearly miss the art lover.

Joyce has left the world with her legacy with her art collection of various American history and heritage that will live to tell her story.


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