Johnson Sakaja Parents - Who Is His Biological Father? Details About The Senator

Sakaja Johnson, a Kenyan politician. ( Source : Educationupdates )

Johnson Sakaja is a Kenyan politician, a governor of Nairobi County, and was born to his dad, John G. Sakaja.

After serving as the county's senator for the previous five years, Johnson Koskei Sakaja is now the county's governor-elect. He is the CEO of the Arthur Johnson Consultancy, a philanthropist as well as a businessman.

Following the election on August 8 2017, he previously served as the Senator for Nairobi. A nominee for the National Assembly, Sakaja has served as a member since 2013.

Who Is Johnson Sakaja Biological Father? His Age Explored

Sakaja is 37 years old in 2022. He was born on February 2nd, 1985 in Parklands, Nairobi, Kenya, in what were the then-government quarters. Sakaja is a member of the Sabaot sub-tribe of the Kenyan Kalenjin people. Every year on February 2nd, he gets to enjoy his birthday.

Johnson Sakaja during an event. ( Source : Bana )

Johnson posted a picture with his father on his Facebook account and wished him a happy fathers day. His father's name is John G Sakaja.

However, his mother passed away when he was nine years old. In an interview, Sakaja explained that his mother is the most beautiful person she has ever seen. He also said that even though she passed away when he was young, she still left a mark in his life.

While attending Team University and serving as vice head of the Actuarial Students Association, Sakaja began his political career. Later, he was chosen to lead the student organization at Nairobi University.

Sakaja's first encounter with politics on a national level was in 2005, during the vote on the then-proposed constitution. He rallied the young for the Referendum by using his position as a SONU leader.

What Is Sakaja Johnson Net Worth?

Sakaja has an estimated net worth of about $1.3 million. Most of the wealth he has accumulated till today has been from his political career and side business ventures.

Until TNA joined with 12 other parties to establish the Jubilee Party on September 9th, 2016, Sakaja served as the party's chairman.

The TNA party, currently a member of the ruling jubilee coalition, then proposed him for election to Parliament (now Jubilee party). He was elected as the designated member of Congress. He was chosen to represent Nairobi county as a senator in Kenya's general elections on August 8th, 2017.

Explore Sakaja Johnson Biography And Career

At the age of 19, Sakaja received his first employment at Price Waterhouse Coopers following graduation from college. However, he lost his job a year later. He was forced by this to hunt for low-paying occupations like working at his aunt's cybercafé. At this point, he tried his hand at music, but failed miserably.

He rallied the young people for the Referendum in 2005 by using his position as a SONU leader. His entry into national politics was made possible by this when he joined the Kibaki campaign in 2007 as the driver.

Later, he was appointed director of the Vijana na Kibaki advocacy organization. He assumed the initiative in counting the votes in favor of the presidential secretariat. At the age of just 22, he spoke to President Mwai Kibaki's Cabinet during the 2008 post-election turmoil. He became the youngest chairman of a ruling party worldwide at the age of 27.


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