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John Farnham Is Currently Recovering After A Surgery ( Source : instagram )

Australian singer John Farnham is currently recovering in intensive care after an 11-and-a-half-hour surgery to remove a tumor from his mouth, his family mentioned.

Farnham's family announced Tuesday that he was hospitalized after the diagnosis and is set to undergo surgery to remove the cancerous growth, per The Sydney Morning Herald.

Australian music legend John's family waited patiently at Victorian Hospital after the procedure to remove the tumor started at 8 am on Tuesday. Doctors and surgeons finished the surgery at 7.30 pm and told the family that the surgery was successful.

Previously in 2019, Farnham canceled a music tour because of a severe kidney infection and dehydration. Afterward, he gave up a lifetime habit of smoking and reduced his alcohol intake.

Watch John Farnham's Family Photo With Wife And Sons

We can see John Farnham, 73, and his two grown-up sons, Robert and James Farnham, in a family picture attached below. There were recent searches questioning whether the Australian singer also had a daughter. However, John got only two sons.

John Farnham With His Wife And Sons
John Farnham With His Wife And Sons ( Source : abc )

John seems to be a proud father to see his son grow up and live their own life. The Australian legend lives near Bendigo on a farm. His sons probably have seen him singing and performing throughout their childhood. John has spent five decades in the music industry and has contributed much to the field.

His eldest son Robert followed his father's footsteps and inherited his persona to make a career as an entertainment personality. Robert is a well-renowned actor and singer and has worked with his father on some projects. 

John's family members and sons share an excellent bond relationship with John as they stand beside him in his health and sickness. 

Where Is John Farnham Now? Cancer Diagnosis Details

Australian music legend John Farnham is currently under the care of medical experts at Victorian Hospital. He was moved to the Intensive Care Unit after surgeons successfully removed a cancerous tumor from his mouth.

He was admitted to the hospital to undergo an 11-and-a-half-hour long surgery on Tuesday to remove the tumor in his mouth. However, with the support from his family and children, he is sure he will recover from the sickness in no time. Besides, professional health experts are looking after him for his well-being.

John's wife, Jill Farnham, mentioned that he would stay in hospital for recovery and postoperative treatments, but it remained unclear how long that would take.

John Farnham Illness And Health Update

John Farnham was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his jaw. The cancerous tumor growth could be because of the smoking habit he started when he was 14.

According to various sources, he had given up smoking in 1992 after appearing in Jesus Christ Superstar. However, he started smoking cigars again in 2004 and decided to quit before his 70th birthday.

However, a few months after his 73rd birthday, he discovered that he had cancerous growth in his mouth. Thanks to his wife, Jillian Billman, who insisted on him undergoing diagnosis. Soon after the checkup, he was admitted to the hospital for the removal of the tumor.

After decades of performing at high-volume concerts, John has tinnitus and hearing loss and wears hearing aids.

In 2019, he unexpectedly ended his tour in Australia following a painful kidney infection that left him in the hospital. The infection occurred after he underwent surgery which caused him to be dehydrated and unwell. However, he did not mention why he had to undergo the operation then.


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