Is Striclty's Matt Goss Gay? His Partner in 2022 and Past Relationships Through The Years


Matt Goss, a renowned English musician. ( Source : Theguardian )

Matt Goss is an English singer and songwriter who will be joining the cast of Strictly Come Dancing 2022.

Goss will be taking the sets of Strictly Come Dancing 2022. Along with Will Mellor and Kaye Adams, Matt has been named the eighth participant in the prestigious reality dance competition, which is celebrating its 20th year.

Matt will be attempting to compete for as long as possible. He is a renowned English musician who has been in the music industry for a long time.

Is Strictly's Matt Goss Gay? 

Matt is not Gay. When he started his career, he was romantically connected to Kadamba Simmons in 1986, but the two eventually broke up and separated.

Matt Goss during an event.
Matt Goss during an event. ( Source : Metro )

The relationships Matt had with his former girlfriends were many. From 1992 until 1997, he was also romantically involved with Melanie Sykes; however, the two separated that year.

In 1998, he started dating Sophie Anderton, but their relationship ended in 2000. Although Matt and Daisy Fuentes' relationship never went beyond that of a wife and husband, the two were engaged later in 2001.

Even though they have been together for almost nine years, he doesn't seem homosexual. His previous relationships suggest that he is not homosexual. He has also never spoken about his sexuality. 

There have been no instances of Matt being linked to another man, which might hint that he may be gay, so as of right now, Matt is not gay.

Who Is Matt Goss girlfriend Chantal Brown? Wedding Rumors Explored

Matt is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Chantal Brown. In addition to being a jewelry designer, Brown is also actively involved in producing and marketing jewelry in the US.

With her one-of-a-kind creativity, Chantal can make the most incredible jewelry, from bulky stone necklaces to more delicate, exquisite pieces.

She occasionally found herself in the spotlight due to her love affair with the well-known singer Matt. Chantal is a jewelry designer. Therefore she is already expected to participate in the public and the social world as part of her job. She was wed to soap opera star Paul for seven years of her life.

However, there has been no information about their wedding. Matt and Chantal have not hinted at their wedding, so it is hard to tell if the couple is getting married anytime soon. 

Matt Goss Career Explored

English singer-songwriter and musician Matt Goss rose to recognition as one-half of the 80s pop duo Bros. With their debut album, Push, the band achieved four times platinum status. They also had eight top five songs and spent 54 weeks on the UK charts. As a member of Bros, he has sold 16 million records worldwide.

Then, in 1995, Matt began his solo career. He is working on his 24th song, Are You Ready?, four of which have achieved Top 40 success. The artwork for the new track pays tribute to his Strictly Come Dancing participation and features a glitterball.

In Las Vegas, Matt has been performing live concerts since 2009. After a nine-month run at the Palms Casino Resort, he transferred the act to Caesars Palace in 2010, where it has resided for the past 11 years.

Goss, who has spent 25 years living in the US, recently relocated back to the UK. He left his 22-room house in Vegas behind to make an ambitious move back to London, where his career all started.


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