Is Pepper on Claim To Fame Related To Dean Martin? Fans Are Convinced She Is The Granddaughter


Pepper Martin From Claim To Fame Is Related To Comedian And Singer Celebrity ( Source : instagram )

Claim to Fame, ABC's new reality show, hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas, sees 12 celerity relatives compete against each other to find out the celebrity connection of their fellow contestants. 

Among the twelve contestants is Pepper, and netizens on Twitter suspect that Pepper might be the granddaughter of legendary entertainer Dean Martin. Fans are convinced of this theory as one admirer claims that her Instagram bio link confirms the theory.

While other fans think Pepper could be related to Shelley Duval, as she shows much resemblance. Nevertheless, with time the reality show will reveal to which celebrity Pepper is related.

Pepper is on Instagram as Pepper Martin, and our best guess at this point is that Pepper from Claim to Fame is a close relative of the late singer, actor, and comedian Dean Martin. Specifically, we think Dean Martin is the grandfather of Pepper Martin -the daughter of Dean's late son, Ricci Martin.

There does not seem to be a strong conjecture among viewers about who Pepper is on Claim to Fame. However, after the first episode aired, many people shared their best guesses, "Pepper is Dean Martin's granddaughter," a Redditor claimed. 

During the Claim to Fame premiere episode, Pepper was chosen to guess the identity of another contestant, Maxwell. However, she was saved when he was eliminated for violating the strict-no-cell-phones policy.

Pepper mentioned that her grandparents used to host elaborate holiday parties. And in the sixth episode, she confessed, under the lie-detector test, that her celebrity relative was a comedian and a musician but not a game show host.

With the above facts, it could be true that she is the granddaughter of legendary singer/comedian Dean Martin. Nevertheless, with the show ending, we can finally know her actual celebrity relative of her.

Who Are Pepper Martin's Parents? Family And Relative Details Explored

Pepper acknowledged that her famous relative was a comedian, singer, and Grammy winner. Pepper is alleged to be related to Dean Martin based on the facial feature, particularly the nose. To be more precise, She is most likely King of Cool Dean Martin's granddaughter and daughter of Ricci Martin.

Ricci was born as the sixth out of 8 children of Dean Martin. He was born on September 20, 1953. Following his father's footsteps, Ricci made a name for himself in singing and songwriting.

Pepper Martin Is A Participant Of Claim TO Fame
Pepper Martin Is A Participant Of Claim TO Fame ( Source : distractify )

Ricci was born to the second wife of Dean Martin, Jeanne. He has an older brother, Dean, who was born in 1951. In addition, Ricci's parents gave birth to his sister Gina in 1956.

As for Pepper Martin, she is the eldest daughter of Ricci, born Pepper Jazz. In his book, That's Amore, Ricci mentioned his daughter Pepper Jazz was born in 1992.

Is Pepper Martin One Of Dean Martin's Grandchildren - Claim To Fame

According to our current assumptions based on the facts revealed during the show, Pepper from Claim to Fame is most likely the grandchildren of Dean Martin. During the show, Pepper admitted that her grandparents were singers and comedians, and Dean was a singer, comedian, and comedian during his days.

However, after the premiere was aired, few netizens discussed their hypothesis. One Redditor claimed that Pepper Martin is Dean Martin's granddaughter.

Another Twitter user agreed with the theory that Pepper was a long-lost relative of Kristen Schaal or Maya Rudolph. The user described how similar the two seem to be. Another Twitter user commented that Pepper was related to Bette Middler.

Nevertheless, of all the hypotheses and conjecture, Claim to Fame will eventually unravel if Airbnb host Pepper is related to Dean Martin.


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