Is Masoja Msiza aka Nkunzi Dead In Uzalo? Is He Leaving? Funeral Scene Explained

Masoja Msiza ( Source : Youtube )

Actor, poet, and singer Masoja Josiah Msiza hails from South Africa. His most well-known role is that of Nkunzi Mhlongo in the acclaimed telenovela Uzalo. The particular character's funeral scene is making rounds on the Internet, and the netizens want to know if he is actually leaving the show or not.

Msiza was born in the Gauteng region of South Africa's Kwa-Thema township. When he was nine years old, he enrolled in painting and acting classes and developed a passion for performance.

He won a theatre competition at his high school when he was 14 years old. After graduating from college, he found work as a miner but was sacked along with other miners who were involved in a strike. After being fired, he made the decision to pursue his acting career, landing his first part in the Gibson Kente-directed play Mfowethu.

Is Masoja Msiza aka Nkunzi Dead In Uzalo? 

Yes, viewers can soon expect Masoja Msiza, aka Nkunzi, dead on their favorite show, Uzalo.  After Sbu kills the unstoppable villain Nkunzi, who has gotten away with murder for numerous seasons, he will be pronounced dead.

According to the TVSA August teasers, Sbu will be the one to temporarily remove Nkunzi, called "Cool Kruger," on Wednesday, August 17, and the KwaMashu citizens will lament his loss.

However, because the actor who portrays the evil Masoja Msiza has never left the program, audiences are worried that the soap opera won't last a month without the bad guy.

Since his introduction to the show in season three, Masoja Msiza's character has never temporarily left the program.

Is Masoja Msiza Leaving Uzalo? 

No, the actor is not leaving the show. He has just gotten away with the project for some time for his personal commitment. Even though Masoja has not revealed the reason behind it, it can be stated that the actor wanted some time for himself. 

A team member revealed, "Masoja is not leaving the show, but his character will start an exciting storyline."

However, it is not the first time he has been rumored to be leaving the show. There were several fake claims about the same in the past, but this time it has turned out to be true.      

Despite Nkunzi's continuing appearance on Uzalo, the false allegations first made headlines in June 2021. Although Stained Glass TV, the production company, nor Msiza have publicly addressed the unfounded and incorrect allegations, Stained Glass TV has shown that Msiza is still a member of the Uzalo family. His continuous participation as a lead on Uzalo was reiterated by the production team in a press statement on Tuesday, September 7, 2021.


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