Is Mary Lauren Really Dead - Her Death News Real Or Fake? Details About Her Brother & Family


Recently, renovator Mary Lauren lost her only brother Seth and remembered him ( Source : Facebook )

Mary Lauren is not dead, but she lost her brother Seth recently. 

Lauren is an interior designer who renovates a Southern charmer on the lake. She recently moved from Southern California to South Carolina. She is involved in business and economics; sometimes, she makes her way in design and art. 

Moreover, Lauren had an unhealthy obsession with tiny gold jewels, and antique thrift finds.

Is Mary Lauren's Death News Real Or Hoax?

Lauren's death news is a hoax as the designer is recently active on her social platform. Instead of the renovator, her brother Seth died and faced a devasting period of life. She remembers every memory of her brother and the way they used to be in childhood. 

As long as the business women live, she will carry on the memories of her brother. Seth was so important to many; a son, a brother, an uncle, and the kids couldn't wait to play with him. He was a genius from childhood, and his household was amazed by his ability to build, invent, create and explore.

Mary Lauren shared the childhood memories of her brother Seth after his tragic death.
Mary Lauren shared the childhood memories of her brother Seth after his tragic death. ( Source : Instagram )

Lauren and Seth grew up like little twins, and she is protecting their childhood memories with everything she has. The moments of a young age are the most valuable thing, now that we can't banter back and forth about them.

Lauren never wants to forget many things, including rollerblading, forts, crepes, and sandcastles. She has asked her later brother to like for sings and send them. Even hope he watch over all of her family, four sisters, mom, dad, nieces, and nephews. 

Seth is in peace, but Lauren wants love from him, comfort, and a sign that he is still somewhere near them. She wished she had told him how much she adored and loved him. After her brother's demise, she hoped he knew Lauren was his champion. 

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Mary Lauren's Brother Seth Passed Away

Seth is the little brother of the business women, Lauren. She lost a precious member of her household. Also, Seth had named his home different nicknames broski, uncle Seth, Sethie, Sethariah, and more. 

Lauren posted the video with her brother, including her family, and pinned, 'I wish you knew how your tragic passing had changed our world. Waking up and remembering you're no longer here is like living that horrible day again. It wrecks me. Completely.'

Mary Lauren with her South Carolina tribe in East Coast
Mary Lauren with her South Carolina tribe in East Coast ( Source : Facebook )

Lauren added that she misses him so much, and it hurts every time remembers his brother. She wants to rewind time, spend more time with her brother, and work more with him. Even Lauren included Ezra, who went to bed last night holding Seth Lakers hat, crying and asking more questions after devasting news.

Although Lauren doesn't have many answers, she spends much time talking about her brother every night. She memorizes the beautiful things which he remembers about his favorite uncle. Seth was their best and only brother of Lauren. 

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Meet Mary Lauren's Husband And Kids On Instagram

Lauren is the wife of her beloved husband Clay, usually found in flannel. On July 15, she spent time with her husband in the sunflower garden. Perhaps, she was dancing with her partner through this Splendid Summer. The designer picked a few new pieces for Clay and their anniversary Trip.

Small and simple steps to show Mary Lauren a little love with her husband, Clay
Small and simple steps to show Mary Lauren a little love with her husband, Clay ( Source : Facebook )

Lauren chose many dresses, tops, and perfect denim. Her spouse is so particular about his clothes fit, and they found a few lines that he loves her a lot. The pair had tied the knot for ten years in June, bringing all the feelings and thoughts.

Although the couple had been through some things together, she couldn't be more grateful to have her spouse by my side. Lauren had been gifted with two little boys and a sweet baby girl. She has shared her kids and husband on her Instagram handle, @marylauren.


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