Is Liz Dueweke Leaving Q13 Fox? What Happened To Her & Where Is She Today?

Liz Dueweke is the anchor from American anchor working in the Q13 Fox ( Source : Q13fox )

Liz Dueweke, the American anchor, is not leaving Q13 Fox despite various rumors on the interent.

She is the anchor from American anchor working in the Q13 Fox This Morning from 5 to 10 since 2014. Before joining Q13, she worked at KCPQ, KOMO 4 News, KRNV CH. 4, The Oakland Post, et al.

Recently, she co-hosts Q13 News This Morning with Ali Bradley, Travis Mayfield, and Bill Wixey, making up a well-known team of anchors.

Furthermore, she operated in Flint, Michigan, at the peak of the recession, encircling the auto industry and its impact on the local community where she started in TV in 2007 in Yuma, Arizona, as an anchor, reporter, and producer, encircling the US-Mexico border, immigration, and presidential visits.

In Addition, Dueweka is the main anchor of the award-winning morning show on KOKH, from 5–10 a.m. Previously, she covered the breaking news and was a challenging news reporter for the morning show, delivering the story of the day to Oklahoma from 5–9 a.m.

Is Liz Dueweke Leaving Q13 Fox? 

No, the anchor Liz Dueweke is not leaving Q13 Fox. A similar incident happened on June 10 when she announced she took a leave due to the passing of her dog, Wolfie.

The anchor of Q13 News, Liz Dueweke, This Morning from 5 to 10 a.m., was seen holidaying with her friends in her Instagram post, and some viewers commented if she was leaving Q13 Fox News.

However, if she had plans to leave Q13, she would inform the public about this. Till now, she has not declared anything like that.

In addition, she stated that she was lucky enough to assist in the morning on FOX 13. The anchor has been in this business for years, reporting and anchoring throughout the country.

Liz Dueweke at tights 10 ( Source : Youtube )

She served as a morning anchor in Oklahoma City. The wild weather she covered was the most unforgettable, reporting live in floods, ice storms, and even the aftermath of massive tornadoes before arriving in Seattle in 2013.

What Happened To Liz Dueweke & Where Is She Today?

Liz Dueweke recently lost her pet resulting in her absence from her morning hosting duties. She lives happily in Seattle, Washington, the United States.

Liz, the veteran newsroom leader, manages the team of writers and producers for a daily 5-hour morning news product while collaborating and planning on razor-thin deadlines.

She is the main tv news anchor and host of a local news show that regularly draws in expected demographics while developing annual revenue for the station.

Dueweka is the main anchor of the award-winning morning show on KOKH, from 5–10 a.m. ( Source : Instagram )

Similarly, she has engaged in storytelling and script evolution, breaking news-related crisis transmission, writing, and editing with seconds to air while presenting on live television.

Liz Dueweke Net Worth

Job Title   Salary
Q13 news anchor$72,860 per year  

Liz Dueweka has earned a good amount of money from her career, and her income source is an anchor.

The Q13 pays the salary of $72,860 per year to an anchor, according to .

Anchor Liz Dueweka Was Born To Her American Family In Michigan

Liz, 37 years old, was born to an American family in Michigan. Unfortunately, her father passed in 2016, and her mother died in 2014.

Furthermore, she shared her father and mother's photos on her Instagram account under the handle @lizdueweke, where she gained 16.4 thousand followers and followed back two thousand people. She posted the post of 1978.

She studied general studies and theatre at Michigan State University and earned a Broadcast Journalism degree from Oakland University. She was a member of school publications, campus societies, and groups.

Liz Dueweke mother ( Source : Instagram )

In Addition, she wedded her husband, Adam Mertz, a communication specialist, and a former tv reporter. The couple got engaged in February 2013 and married on October 11, 2013. 

Dueweka is a morning host, writer, and reporter from 4:30 a.m.-7 a.m. and from 11 a.m. to noon every day from KOMO-4 tv. 

She is directly involved in award-winning breaking news coverage and anchored with the morning news team to produce award-winning, urgent and respectful news coverage during the OSO landslide and KOMO helicopter crash.

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