Is Lil Tecca Dead or Alive? Why Does The Internet Think He Passed Away?


Lil Tecca addressed rumors of his death ( Source : Xxlmag )

The famed rapper Lil Tecca is alive and doing great in his career.

He has just been a victim of his death hoax since 2019, which he cleared from his Twitter writing attention seekers did this. Earlier to his death rumors, people all over the internet suspected Chris Brown's death. Then they targeted Lil Tecca.

Is Lil Tecca Dead or Alive? The Internet Think He Passed Away

The celebrated rapper was born on August 26, 2002, in Queens, New York, the United States. His birth name is Tyler-Justin Anthony Sharpe, and he acquired his stage moniker from a friend on Instagram who referred to him as Lil Tecca because Tecca was her name.

He is the son of Jamaican immigrants who made a move to Nassau country, Long Island when Tyler was in the 7th grade.

His father used to be a singer, but the rapper hardly heard of his father's songs. He is a vibrant basketball player but realized he was not at the level to go for the league and then gave up.

Lil Tecca admits he's not dead despite allegations he was shot.

The Ransom rapper was forced into rumors as people believed him to have been murdered after a fake news story emerged on Twitter in September 2019. He denied the forged news and told them they were just attention seekers. 

Thankfully the claims of his death were proved wrong, and the rapper is doing great in his career now. 

Internet thought his death was the Queens, New York. According to a bogus news report, the rapper was allegedly shot and died at JFK airport on September 15, 2022, which sparked a flurry of responses on social media from worried and incensed followers.

Tecca, however, utilized his Twitter account to reassure everyone that he was still very much alive as the news reached him.

Lil Tecca's net worth In 2022: Is He A Millionaire?

Net Worth: $3 million estimated

Name Lil Tecca 
Net Worth in 2022$3 Million
Annual Salary> 250,000
Profession Rapper, Songwriter

Look at Lil Tecca's net worth from the past five years.

Net Worth 2022$3 Million
Net Worth 2021$2 Million
Net Worth 2020$1.5 Million
Net Worth 2019$0.8 Million
Net Worth 2018$0.4 Million

Lil Tecca is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter who emerged after releasing his breakout single Ransom. The song received over 380 million views on YouTube, and more than 1000 million Spotify listens before reaching its peak at number four on the Billboard Hot 100.

The renowned rapper Lil Tecca estimates net worth of $3 million as of 2022. 

He amassed fortunes through his successful career as a rapper and songwriter. He is among the highest-paid rappers among the youngsters in New York and collects money from his album sales, songs, and popular record labels.

He moreover earns from his social media accounts like Youtube, which has more than 2 million subscribers, and Instagram, which has more than 4 million followers.

He made his career debut by recording his first ever diss track towards his friends on Xbox Live, where one of the songs was uploaded on SoundCloud but got no recognition.

In 2017, people started knowing him after his first title track Tectri released. After a successful collection from his second Ransom, he released his debut mixtape We Loved You Tecca on August 30, 2019.

He later dropped his debut album Virgo world and released singles Did It AgainShots, and Out Of Luck.

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