Is Jesse Lingard Dead or Alive? Death Hoax Of Renowned Nottingham Footballer Debunked

Former Manchester United midfielder joins Nottingham Forest ( Source : Instagram )

Baseless rumors about the death of English footballer Jesse Lingard have been going around the internet after his leave from Manchester United.

However, the rumors are false, and the player recently signed with Premier Leagues Nottingham Forest and recently had his debut game after his exit from Manchester.

Let us learn more about the Nottingham footballer, his death hoax, his salary at his new team, and his dating life details.

Is Jesse Lingard Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax Debunked

The English footballer Jesse Lingard is alive and back on his feet as he recently made his Nottingham Forest debut. The death hoax of the player may have been about the end of his 22-year-old career with Manchester United.

Lingard's career death was apparent in his former team as the team's new manager made him stay on the bench for all the games and even loaned him to the Hammers.

So, the death hoax could have been pointing to that aspect of his career. Luckily, with his performance at the Hammers, he made a remarkable impact on everyone making the Hammers want the player in their team.

Jesse left Manchester United, which he was a part of for over 22 years, and joined Nottingham Forest for Premier League, making his debut as a free agent for the team recently against Newcastle on August 6.

Everyone had high hopes for the player and the team, but the team lost to Newcastle by 0-2, and fans are outraged at the player for his performance while some are defending him since it's his first game and he isn't the only player on the team.

Lingard's next game is against the West Ham United team, which wanted to sign the player after his exit from Manchester. People are excited and waiting for this game on August 14.

Jesse Lingard's Salary At Nottingham

Jesse Lingard recently signed with Nottingham in 2022 with an estimated salary of £200k per week, which includes a basic salary of £80k per week and a bonus of £120k per week.

Compared to his salary at his former club, his new contract seems more favorable for the player as his former salary was an estimated £70 per week.

Jesse Lingard's debut at the Nottingham Forest team ( Source : Instagram )

Lingard recently signed a one-year contract with Nottingham Forest as a free agent with a high salary range making him one of the highest-paid members of the club at the moment.

Does Jesse Lingard Have A Girlfriend?

Jesse Lingard is single and has no girlfriend, but the football star has had his fair share of relationship drama.

Jesse Lingard was dating a social media personality and model named Jena Frumes in 2017; the couple split up shortly after with rumors of the footballer cheating on his girlfriend.

After their breakup, rumors about the two rekindling their spark started floating around, but they seem to have ended it for real this time since they don't appear on each other's social media anymore.

Jesse Lingard and his ex-girlfriend, Jena Frumes ( Source : Allfootballapp )

Apart from his Instagram model girlfriend, the Nottingham player has a daughter with one of his former partners named Rebecca Halliday. His daughter's name is Hope, and she will be four years old in October this year.

The athlete loves his daughter and shows off his little princess on social media, but the child's mother does not make any appearances. So, it seems Jesse is currently dedicating his life to his little daughter instead of his dating life.


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