Is Jamie Yuccas Gay? CBS Anchor's Sexuality And Wikipedia Biography

Jamie Yuccas work as a CBS news correspondent ( Source : instagram )

With her intelligence and commitment to her profession, American journalist Jamie Yuccas, a well-known journalist working for the CBS network, has built a spectacular career. 

For a feature about U.S. Marshal operations that she authored, produced, and presented while working at WBBH-TV, Yuccas was honored with a Florida Associated Press Award.

During the tragic Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando in June 2016, when anti-gay extremist Omar Mateen killed 49 people, Jamie was the first journalist on the scene.

In addition to covering this enormous story, Jamie has also covered the 2016 US Presidential race, the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016, and the 2017 Hurricane Harvey devastation.

Yuccas is receiving a lot of attention for her work, and her followers are also curious about her personal life.

CBS: Is Jamie Yuccas Gay?

Jamie Yuccas is not gay. In fact, Bobby Maslar is Yuccas' new lover, and she is engaged. Since the two have been dating for a while, our trusted sources corroborate the news.

The journalist was a 1980s baby. Although there isn't much information about her parents or other family members, she frequently provides a glimpse of them through her social media accounts.

She implied that she inherited her Irish ethnicity from her grandparent's side in a 2019 Twitter post that included a photo of her grandparents. Yuccas seem to have a close bond with her family members based on her social media posts.

Jamie Yuccas in the frame
Jamie Yuccas in the frame ( Source : instagram )

Her younger brother, who is already engaged, was also a part of her childhood. The writer is candid about her personal life and routinely posts her everyday activities, family events, and stylish haircuts on Instagram.

Jamie likes to travel and take exotic vacations in her free time. She frequently shares photos from her travels with her lover on her Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Yuccas enjoy exercising by running and doing yoga, and she eats what she characterizes as a balanced diet, even though it does include wine. She is cautious of her weight and health.

At WCCO, where she interned, Yuccas got her first taste of journalism. She attributes WCCO with helping her create a resume videotape and develop a passion for TV journalism.

Who Is Jamie Yuccas? Know Her Age 

In Minnesota, Jamie was born on August 3, 1982. She is, therefore, 40 years old right now.

Jamie had first met Don Shelby, a news anchor for WCCO when she was in the third grade. Jamie was utterly in awe of him and awed by him.

Jamie has had remarkable success navigating the American educational system. As a young adult, she was always seen as self-assured and gifted with language. Yuccas began conducting interviews at the age of 8 and recorded them on her parents' tape recorder.

Jamie continued to live in Minnesota while pursuing a degree in journalism and the media at the University of Minnesota. She began working at KTTC-TV in Rochester, Minnesota, in 2003.

She worked there for a year before starting in 2004 as an anchor, reporter, and producer for WBBH-TV. After departing from the network in 2011, she shifted to the CBS network, which propelled her career to new heights.

Thanks to her exceptional work at CBS, she has become one of the network's well-known correspondents. She has covered important events, including the 2016 presidential campaign and the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Meet Jami Yuccas Partner

Bobby Maslar, a pilot for an airline, and Jami Yuccas are dating. As Bobby is a pilot, they first connected on board and began dating in 2017. After that, their relationship grew, and they were never happier than they were then.

The Starkey Hearing sales representative in New York City, John Sheehan, was the spouse of the CBS reporter. In 2007, Yuccas and Sheehan got married.

Jamie Yuccas with her fiancee
Jamie Yuccas with her fiancee ( Source : instagram )

The specifics of their marriage are still unknown because she hasn't said much about it. However, after ten years of marriage, Yuccas filed for divorce in 2017.

The couple may be seen posing together at the Starkey Gala red-carpet event in one of Sheehan's 2015 Twitter photos, even though they haven't been together since their divorce. Furthermore, despite spending almost ten years together, they never had kids.


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