Is Jacob Latimore and Serayah Still Together? A Look At His Relationship Through The Years

Jacob Latimore and Serayah Still have been in a significant relationship for six years. ( Source : Teenvogue )

Jacob Latimore and Serayah Still are together. They have been in a significant relationship for six years.

He is the actor, singer, and dancer from America who released his debut album Connection in 2016. Similarly, he is best known for playing a role in Black Nativity, The Maze Runner, Collateral Beauty, Detroit, and The Chi as actors.

In addition, he is the cast in Collateral Beauty, directed by Oscar-winner David Frankel and starring Will Smith, Edward Norton, Keira Knightley, Michael Peña, Naomie Harris, and Oscar-winners Kate Winslet and Helen Mirren

From The Past Six Years, Jacob Latimore & Serayah Are Together

Jacob and Serayah have been in a serious relationship for the past six years after they met back in 2016 at the BET Awards.

However, the couple had kept their relationship private until 2019. Jacob and Serayah's relationship came to the public after Jacob shared the image with Serayah on his social media account Instagram on March 18, 2019.

The actor is active on Instagram under the handle @jacoblatimore, where he gained 1.2 million followers and followed back one thousand nine hundred people. He has posted 894 posts till now.

After that, the pair started dating each other. Jacob gave initial hints about the relationship in March 2019, posting a video of McNeill humming and enjoying his original song Come Over Here.

Jacob and Serayah met back in 2016 at the BET Awards. ( Source : Gettyimages )

In May 2019, Serayah officially confirmed her relationship with Latimore in an interview during the launch event of Cardi B x Fashion Nova. 

During the BET Awards 2022 recent interview for the first episode of 'Millennial Love Stories, he said in 2016, they met at the BET Awards. They have a mutual friend, a great friend of ours, Shameik Moore. So he always knew who she was, but he never really met her.

The 26 Years Old Jacob Latimore Is From Milwaukee

Twenty-six years old Jacob was born on August 10, 1996, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. He currently resides in Milwaukee and Atlanta.

Further, as Langston, he co-starred in several major films, including Black Nativity 2013 and Ramon in Ride Along. Also, he starred in the movie The Maze Runner, which was released on September 19, 2014.

Twenty-six years old Jacob was born on August 10, 1996, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States. ( Source : Variety )

In Addition, he is active on Twitter with the username @jacoblatimore, where he gained 438.9 thousand followers and followed back 22.9 thousand people. In April 2009, he joined Twitter.

Jacob Latimore's Net Worth Is 1.2 Million Dollars In 2022

Net Worth In 2022$1.2 million

According to, Jacob's net worth is at $1.2 million in 2022. Similarly, he earns an annual salary of $71,459.

Further, the source of his income is the actor, and he lives a quality life from the money he earned. Additionally, he starred in the drama film Collateral Beauty, released on December 16, 2016, and the movie Sleight, released on April 28, 2017.

As Emmett, he starred in Showtime's The Chi. He acted as a voiceover in Bilal's A New Breed of Hero, which got released on 2019. Likewise, he co-starred in the comedy Like a Boss in 2020.

He starred in Gully in 2021, and his first single Best Friend, got released in 2005. Superstar was released in 2006 and released his hit song Heartbreak Heard Around The World" ft. T-Pain


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