Is Dr Naomi Wolf Pregnant? What We Know About The Physician

Feminist author and journalist, Naomi Wolf ( Source : Vox )

Dr. Naomi Wolf is notorious among internet users for her absurd claims and spreading misinformation, especially regarding the COVID-19 vaccines.

She is again trending on Twitter with her new claim about Pfizer vaccines causing miscarriage in pregnant women, causing some fans to speculate if Naomi Wolf is pregnant herself since she has been talking about pregnancy a lot recently.

Let us learn more about the pregnancy rumors of the author, find out who her husband is, her biography, and family details.

Is Dr. Naomi Wolf Pregnant?

Dr. Naomi Wolf is not pregnant, but she is making some big claims about pregnant women and spreading misinformation on the internet with her claims.

Naomi Wolf was born on November 12, 1962, which means that the journalist is 59 years of age, and someone can't conceive at the age of 59. She does have two children with her former partner, a son and a daughter.

Doctor Wolf has been discussing some new research about Pfizer vaccination for COVID, causing pregnant women to miscarry their babies. Still, the whole thing sounds sketchy, just like her previous claims about the pandemic and the vaccination.

The feminist has always been very vocal about her opinions on the administration of vaccination, which has negatively impacted the general public in the past. While some believe her claims, others quickly call her out on her lack of evidence to support the claims.

Her Husband Brain William O'Shea

Dr. Naomi Wolf is married to her second husband, Brain William O'Shea, who has been a US Army veteran since November 2018. The two met in 2014 when she hired Brian for security, and over the years, the two fell in love and decided to be together.

Dr. Naomi Wolf and her husband, Brian William O'shea ( Source : Nytimes )

William is the chief executive of a detective agency named Striker Pierce Investigations that provides support and consultations to sexual assault and other crime survivors, along with litigation and corporate fraud support.

As a former US Army, Brain served in the Southern Philippines with a special force discharging after the September 11 attacks. Naomi was formerly married to journalist David Shipley and had two kids, but the couple divorced in 2005.

Dr. Naomi Wolf Author Biography

According to Wikipedia, Naomi Wolf is an American feminist author and journalist. The author is best known for her first book titled The Beauty Myth, released in 1991, bringing about the third wave of the feminist movement.

Naomi is not an actual medical doctor or a physician, as many people misunderstand, but she has a doctorate in Philosophy. Dr. Wolf has come out with more of her books with feminist views.

Dr. Naomi Wolf's first book ( Source : Amazon )

The author was a famous journalist and a political advisor at one point. With her latest controversies about claims regarding the pandemic and the vaccines, her new book relates to the pandemic days.

Wolf recently came out with a new book titled "The Bodies of Others: The New Authoritarians, COVID-19 and The War Against the Human".

Naomi Wolf Family

Naomi Wolf comes from a well-reputed family of scholars who authored themselves to father Leonard Wolf and mother, Deborah Goleman Wolf.

She comes from a Jewish family in San Francisco, where her mother was an anthropologist and an author who wrote the book The Lesbian Community.

Her father, Leonard, was an author of gothic horror novels since he was Romanian-born. He also worked as a Yiddish translate and as a faculty member at the San Francisco State University.

Wolf also had two siblings, a brother named Aaron and a half-brother from her father's previous relationship called Julius. The author lost her father to Parkinson's disease in 2019.


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