Is Dato Chevy Beh Dead Or Still Alive? Details We Know About The Co-Founder Of BookDoc


BookDoc 's CEO Chevy Beh's death news is getting viral on Twitter ( Source : instagram )

Twitter is now flooded with Chevy Beh's death news, which is yet to be confirmed by a verified source.  

The CEO and creator of the health technology business BookDoc are Dato Chevy Beh. He founded the company in 2015 to quickly connect those needing healthcare with qualified providers, initially concentrating on the B2C model.

Chevy is aiming toward a lot of significant goals. Another crucial area for BookDoc as it seeks to establish itself as a go-to platform for medical tourists searching for comprehensive solutions is medical tourism.

BookDoc's collaboration with Uber, Grab, TripAdvisor, Agoda, and Airbnb seeks to aid users with their travel and lodging requirements and provide recommendations for restaurants and activities. Besides, if you are interested in what happened to him, his wife, and his net worth, you have come to the right place. 

Is Dato Chevy Beh Dead?

Chevy Beh, a forward-thinking and successful healthcare entrepreneur who is guiding the industry through a digital revolution, co-founded BookDoc to assist patients in better managing their health interests. With the help of the online and mobile healthcare platform BookDoc, patients can find and connect with healthcare providers, arrange transportation or lodging while receiving treatment, get health coaching, and earn rewards for staying active.

The death news of the Polo pro player is spreading on the internet, especially on Twitter. People start giving his family and friends condolence to be strong in this significant loss. However, his death is not confirmed by his family.

In that response, the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) writes- "we are deeply saddened to learn the demise of Dato' Chevy Beh. The Beh family has our sincere condolences, and so do the president, the council, and the BAM family." The cause of BookDoc's CEO is not revealed yet by any trustful sites. The businessman looks in his early thirties (31) now. 
This is a developing story; keep reading us for further updates. We can't confirm his death right now based on some posts. 

What Is The Net Worth Of Dato Chevy Beh?

Estimated Net worth: more than $1 million

Beh is a former China-focused analyst with the New York-based Maxim Group (an NYSE member). He worked as an associate at Dominick and Dominick before joining Maxim (member of NYSE). An accredited alternative investment analyst, Beh (CAIA).

Beh, a former New York-based investment banker, moved back to Malaysia to assist his father with the BP Healthcare Group. Under his direction, Beh implemented fresh approaches that allowed the organization to deliver high-quality healthcare at an affordable price and created new business units, including developing BP's line of goods, medical equipment, and well-liked diagnostic centers.

Beh left BP in 2014 to form the health tech business BookDoc with Joel Neoh, the former CEO of Groupon Asia-Pacific. The online mobile and healthcare platform, which possessed the Midas touch and quickly expanded, was helped partly by recruiting an astounding number of partners, including healthcare, insurance, and aviation firms.

Prince Abdul Qawi, a member of Brunei's royal family, former international banker Datuk Yvonne Chia, and a relative of Chinese billionaire Stanley Ho was among the early investors. By 2018, BookDoc had more than 350,000 users and had expanded to Singapore and Hong Kong.

According to his LinkedIn, from 2016 to 2018, he served as a council member for the Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA). The young businessman currently serves as a mentor for Young Corporate Malaysians (YCM), Malaysia's premier and most prominent youth-focused corporate networking organization.

The entrepreneur has worked as a contributor at Forbes since Aug 2016. By analyzing his past work experiences, Beh must have millions of dollars in net worth; however, the exact monetary value is unknown. 

Dato Chevy Beh' Age: His Marital Status Explored

Chevy Beh, the founder of BookDoc, seems to be in his early thirties(31) and has already grabbed massive success at a young age. 

Beh finished a polo scholarship at the University of Virginia in the United States and earned a double major in Asian studies and economics. Additionally, he led the university polo team as captain. He has competed in polo matches with Princes William and Harry.

Surfing through his personal life, he is not a married man. However, in an interview, he said, "I'm married to my work, and I have numerous wives, who are my companies. There isn't a greater moment. Five to six years ago, if I were to launch a med-tech business, there would have been no ecosystem; smartphone use was low, and internet speed was sluggish. The time has come."

No relationship and dating rumors of the businessman are registered yet on any social media platform. So people believe him to be leading a single life.


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