Is Dana Perino On Vacation? Where Has She Been & What Happened To Her?


Politician Commentator for The Five Dana Perino is on vacation ( Source : Thenetline )

Dana Perino, 50, has not been seen in The Five for a long time and is on vacation. 

Dana Perino is the Co-host of The Five, an American panel talk shows that premiers on Fox News Channel. She hosts with other full-time hosts, Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters, and Jeanine Pirro.

She is renowned for co-anchoring America's Newsroom as well. She has experience in journalism and communications, serving as press secretary for the George W. Bush administration at the White House. In a Republican administration, she was thus the first woman to be appointed as White House Press Secretary. She spent about one and a half years working there.

Besides her recognition as a media face and journalist, Dana Perino is also a best-selling author and news analyst.

Is Dana Perino On Vacation? Where Has She Been?

The adept journalist has been on vacation, and she still has not appeared on the Five.

People notice that the TV personality has not appeared on the news channel since mid-March of 2022, and fans of her are already missing her presentation. Viewers are eagerly waiting for her comeback as they loved the news anchor's way of presentation and so-on point observations.

When a famous face suddenly disappears from the media, it is so apparent to search their Instagram, a place where people's personal life exposes. Dana's Instagram shows that she has gone to the beach with her family on her days off. 

The media personality uploaded several images of her cherished dog, Percy, providing a little insight into her personal life. She must have visited Spain, too, as, in one of her Instagram posts, she said that the Spanish purchases wore out.  

Wherever she is, enjoying her vacation to the fullest, and let's wish her a happy and healthy life. Her current whereabouts seem to be in New York City. 

What Happened To Dana Perino? Why Is She Not On Fox Five?

After her hiatus from the Five, people start speculating about the journalist's health conditions and quashing your curiosity. She is perfectly fit in her health now. 

However, she previously discussed how working for former President George W. Bush hurt her health and caused her to endure some difficult moments. According to The Hill, she allegedly permanently harmed her health while serving as press secretary at the White House due to the long hours.

In an interview, Perino admitted that she struggled mightily to care for herself, reaching a point where her arm became numb from the elbow down.

The Five Anchor was even given a sinus infection diagnosis, and at one time, one of her medical issues disturbed her husband Peter's sleep.

Despite her excellent health condition, Dana thought to take a lull from the show and went for a vacation. She is still on holiday, and there is no information regarding when she will be back. 

Dana Perino Husband Peter Mcmahon and Family

Dana Perino was hitched to her husband, Peter McMahon, in 1998. The political commentator first met her husband in August 1997. 

During the Power Players week of Jeopardy! in May 2012, Perino competed against Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and David Faber of CNBC.

Dana Perino on vacation with her husband Peter ( Source : Instagram )

The couple shares no children. However, Peter has two children, a son, Barry, and a daughter Kelly from his previous marriage.

The journalist is the daughter of Janicebirdie and shares every moment special with her, including mothers day, birthday, and Christmas. Her mother seems to be in her sixties. Her Dad is Leo Perino. 

The journalist, from breaking dishes to going wild, shared her best moments of childhood with Angie Machock. 

Perino has called Bay Head, New Jersey, home. She loves dogs, and Dana is well-known for her Vizsla, Jasper. On September 4, 2021, Jasper passed away. A few months later, Dana and her husband Peter revealed on the Fox News Channel that they had adopted Percy, a second Vizsla.

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