Is Claire From Steps Pregnant? Could Claire Richards Really Have Her Next Child?

English singer Calire Richards ( Source : Instagram )

English singer Claire Richards is best known for being a member of the musical band Steps.

Claire Richards started with the pop group TSD. After the release of their second single, "Baby I Love You," they experienced little success and were dropped by their record label, Avex.

Richards competed on Popstar to Operastar's second season before being eliminated in the semifinals. She can sing in the soprano range.

Richards entered Celebrity Big Brother on January 3 and finished in fourth place. Richards participated on the Loose Women panel regularly from April to June 2014.

Is Claire Richards From Steps Pregnant? Her Next Child 

Prior to the release of her debut solo album, My Wildest Dreams, Claire spoke exclusively with The Sun Online about her pregnancy troubles and how she's come to terms with the fact that she won't be having a third child.

After seeing how pleased she is with the children, she already has—Daisy, 13, and Charlie, 15, with husband Reece Hill—Claire spoke about her choice to give up on having a third child.

In the past, Claire has expressed her desire for a third child in a very transparent manner. She claimed to have been attempting to conceive for two years in 2015.

Currently, Claire Richard is not pregnant. She also disclosed in late 2018 that she had given up on having a third child and had ruled out using a surrogate.

Claire's doctor advised her to reduce weight if she wanted to have a third child in 2013, when she weighed 16 stone and was a size 20. She was concerned when her doctor suggested that her years of yo-yo dieting may have harmed her chances of getting pregnant, but she still wasn't able to conceive.

Limiting her portions, the 5ft 6in celebrity dropped to 9 and a half stone and a size 10 in just two years.

Meet Claire Richards Husband Reece Hill 

Reece Hill and Claire Hill were married in 2008. Daisy and Charlie, the couple's two children, were born. The singer lost her virginity to Reece, Steps' PR manager when they were just 20 years old and started dating.

He was not only, according to reports, ten years older than her but also long-term involved with his girlfriend Bonnie, who was expecting a child at the time.

As soon as the romance broke down, Claire fell in love with Steps dancer Mark Webb when the band was on tour. She later got married to Mark Webb in August 2003. Mark earned a tattoo of Claire's initial on his arm for her 23rd birthday.

Claire Richards with her husband Reece Hill ( Source : Instagram )

She acknowledged to The Sun that her wedding day wasn't fun. Following that, their marriage crumbled, and they began leading separate lives.

After a wedding, Claire had an affair with boyband member Another Level Dane Bowers. She was already aware that Dane formerly harbored feelings for her, according to bandmate Lee Latchford-Evans.

When Claire eventually developed depression, she was given medicine. However, she wasn't entirely content until she was with Reece, the love of her life.

Claire Richards Health Condition 

Claire Richards has been outspoken about her weight throughout her career and even created a workout DVD. She has opened up about her relationship with her weight.

The singer has discussed her relationship with her body and now explains how she transitioned from being "dangerously thin" to "fat." She acknowledges that she still "struggles every day" to keep her trim figure, but she claims that her weight issues began at the beginning of her career.

The singer continued by claiming that there appears to be a "lack of understanding" when people assume that overweight people are lazy and lack discipline, which she previously denied.

Following the breakup of Steps, Claire gained four stones and grew to a size 20 before shedding six stones in 2017. Claire has previously recorded her weight.


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