Is Chris Farley Autopsy And Death Photos Available On Reddit? Details We Know

Chris Farley was larger-than-life Hollywood star ( Source : Nbcnews )

Chris Farley's life story was featured in a documentary named Autopsy: The Last Hours Of Chris Farley. It was released in 2014, but people still watch it and remember him. 

His pictures before his death went viral on the internet. The images of the night he died are still on several sites.

Chris Farley Autopsy Report On Twitter And Reddit

Chris Farley was found dead on the floor of his flat in the John Hancock Building on December 18, 1997. As per the police report, there was no evidence of criminal activity or drugs inside the unit.

Later, the medical examiner reported that the comedian had accidentally overdosed on cocaine and morphine. The toxicology tests showed that morphine, an opium-derived painkiller, and cocaine were discovered in his blood.

Additionally, fluoxetine, an antidepressant marketed under the brand name Prozac, and an antihistamine were detected in the blood samples, although they did not have any role in his demise.

Cook County Medical Examiner Dr. Edmund Donoghue stated in a statement that a significant contributing factor to his demise was a narrowing of the arteries supplying the heart muscle.

Farley's autopsy report said that Edema and congestion were visible in both lungs, which is a sign of opiate intoxication. In addition, there was a fatty change in the liver, which is common in heavy drinkers. Likewise, after his passing, newspapers reported that he was seen binge drinking.

In 2014, his life and career were portrayed in a documentary named Autopsy: The Last Hours of Chirs Farley. People still talk about it and express their sadness about how he had a tragic ending on social media handles like Twitter and Reddit.

What Was Chris Farley Death Cause?

Chris Farley's cause of death was a speedball, an overdose of a combination of cocaine and morphine. His untimely demise saddened everyone as he had created a legacy within a short amount of time. 

He was 33 years old when he died. A private funeral service was held on December 23, 1997, for Farley in the Catholic Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace in his Wisconsin hometown of Madison.

People attending Chris Farley memorial service ( Source : Madison )

His memorial was attended by more than 500 people, including numerous comedians who had performed with him on Saturday Night Live and in movies. His remains were buried in Madison's Resurrection Cemetery.

Chris Farley Photos Revealed

Chris Farley's photos before his death were revealed on the internet. As per some rumors, he had invited an exotic dancer named Heidi Hauser on the night of his demise. 

Later, she gave an interview in the media that she had left him passed out on the floor of his Floyer around 3 am. It was there that his brother later discovered him dead. 

The pictures before the night he died, rumored to be taken by Heidi, are still on the internet. People talk about how sad they feel looking at those images.


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