Is Bradley Daniele From Rebels Dead? What Happened To The Biker? Was He In Jail?


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A Facebook post indicated that Bradley Daniele from Rebels has died. However, there is no detailed information regarding his demise.

Besides, there is no official news or information from his family. He had attracted attention on social media for assaulting another criminal who was police in custody for sexually abusing a minor. 

Is Bradley Daniele From Rebels Dead?

Bradley Daniele is well-known as a Bikie who bashed a child abuser in 2019. He has posted a video of how he assaulted the man while in the shower. 

Even when he was brought to court and given the sentence, he laughed and did not show remorse. He had even stated that he could not tolerate anyone abusing a minor. 

He was not eligible for parole until the end of 2020. There were no updates about him following the sentencing. However, recently words are going around about his alleged death. 

A Facebook post paid tribute to Bradley Daniele. The post indicated that he had died, but there is no official news about it yet. 

Moreover, the cause of death is not known either. His family is yet to confirm the news as well. 

What Happened To The Biker Bradley Daniele?

Bradley Daniele was already in jail for dangerous driving when police brought Hamzeh Bahrami in late 2019. Thus, when Bahrami was taking a shower in a cubicle, Daniele physically assaulted him. 

A police officer entered the room after around 20 seconds and used pepper spray inside the shower stall to try to stop the attack. When he was found guilty, his sentence was extended for more than four months and a non-parole period of two months, reports

Bradley Daniele was found guilty of physically assaulting Hamzeh Bahrami in a City Watch House shower block
Bradley Daniele was found guilty of physically assaulting Hamzeh Bahrami in a City Watch House shower block ( Source : twitter )

He served the increased sentence and the more than year-long sentence he served at that time. The incident happened almost four years ago.

His whereabouts were unknown following his release. 

Was Bradley Daniele In Jail?

Bradley Daniele has been in and out of jail several times. Moreover, he admitted to attacking Hamzeh Bahrami in April 2019. 

Bahrami was found guilty of sexually abusing a 10-year-old child in a public restroom in Blair Athol. At the time, his crime garnered much media attention and led to a two-week manhunt.

He was not in jail as he was already eligible for parole in late 2020. There was another charge against him in June 2020 related to trafficking drugs while in Yatala Labour Prison. But, it is said the charges were dropped. 

After he was freed from his sentence for bashing a child sexual offender, Hamzeh, there is no news about him getting detained or being in prison. 


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