Is Betsy Woodruff Swan Related To Judy Woodruff? What We Know About The MSNBC Journalist's Personal Life

MSNBC contributor and journalist, Betsy Woodruff ( Source : Wp )

American journalist Betsy Woodruff Swan has been the talk of the netizens since her name sounds familiar to a senior journalist making people wonder if she is related to the journalist Judy Woodruff.

Betsy Woodruff is a national political reporter and contributor to the MSNBC network and has been in the political journalism sector for more than a decade.

Betsy Woodruff Swan and Judy Woodruff may have similar last names and be in the same line of work, but they are unrelated to each other based on their family history.

The MSNBC journalist is originally from Columbia, Missouri, while her senior reporter, Judy, is from Oklahoma. The 75-year-old reporter is nothing but a respectable senior for the MSNBC contributor as they do not share the same family.

Betsy Woodruff appearance in MSNBC ( Source : Marriedbiography )

Betsy graduated high school from Hillsdale College with a Bachelor in Art, majoring in English in 2012, and has worked as a political reporter for Politico and as a contributor to the MSNBC network.

Meanwhile, Judy is an American broadcasting journalist who has worked in the industry since 1970 on various networks. At age 75, she is still active in the field and works as the anchor and managing editor of PBS network NewsHour.

Betsy Woodruff Swans Parents And Family

Betsy Woodruff Swan was born to parents Scott Woodruff and mother Jane Tharp Woodruff. Her parents raised Betsy in Missouri, where her parents are from, and gave her a great childhood.

Her mother graduated from Missouri University and worked as a promoting and advertising graduate for the university.

Betsy Woodruff with her parents and her daughter ( Source : Shstrendz )

Swan has a brother and a sister named Chris and Jane, respectively. Both of them are busy in their own successful lives. Her brother, Chris, is married with kids and moved to Bangkok, Thailand, where he lives with his family since his work is in the country. As for her sister, Jane, she works and lives in Leesburg, Virginia, but the three are close to each other despite the distance between them.

What Is Betsy Woodruff's Ethnicity?

Betsy Woodruff Swan belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and holds the nationality of America, being born in Columbia, Missouri, on October 31, 1989.

The 32-year-old may not be related to the PBS anchor, Judy Woodruff, but her skills are just as good as her senior subordinate in journalism. Both of them specialize in political journalism, and Judy also lived in Missouri at one point in her life when she was moving around a lot because of her parent’s job in the army.

Is Betsy Woodruff Swan Married?

Yes, the MSNBC contributor has happily married her husband, Jonathan Swan, since September 14, 2019. Her husband, Mr. Swan, is a fellow journalist from Australia and works in the same niche as her, covering politics.

Betsy Woodruff and her husband, Jonathan Swan ( Source : Thenetline )

Jonathan also won the Emmy Award for his interview in 2021, and the two share their passion for their work, making their bond even more substantial. The journalist gave birth to their daughter in 2019.

The journalist is active on social media, sharing pictures with her husband and personal moments @woodruffbets with over 2,160 followers and 365 posts.


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