Is Ama Qamata Leaving Gomora? Is Buhle Ndaba Dead In Gomora?

Ama Qamata leaves Mzansi Magic show Gomora in August ( Source : Instagram )

Ama Qamata, playing the role of Buhle Ndaba in the Mzansi Magic show, Gomora, will be leaving the show in August, as per the trailer and the episode synopsis for the Monday episode.

The actress has played the role of the snobbish teenager for the past two seasons and is currently playing a lead role in the Netflix show Blood & Water.

Is Ama Qamata Leaving Gomora?

Yes, Ama Qamata is leaving the Mzansi Magic show, Gomora, this August as the show's third season writes off the character she is playing in the show.

Ama plays the role of Buhle Ndaba, a teenage girl from a well-known family in the community but suffers the change after her family goes from riches to rags. Qamata gained much popularity from her character as a snobby teen in the show in her home country and globally as she got presented with more opportunities along the way.

After staying with the local show for more than two seasons, the South African actress wanted to explore more international roles.

According to sources close to the Gomora actress, she is grateful and indebted to the show and the producers who gave her such an opportunity. Still, she wants to experience diverse roles and environments. There were also rumors and claims of the actress leaving the show after having a dispute with the production regarding salary negotiations.

Is Buhle Ndaba Dead In Gomora?

The role played by actress Ama Qamata, Buhle Ndaba, dies in the show's new episode this season. Gomora's latest episodes hint at the disappearance and tragic incidents that happened to Buhle after running away.

Since she ran away from home in season 2, there has been no news of her and the season trailer for August showed that Buhle might be dead after being sold off.

Ama Qamata as Buhle in Gomora ( Source : Media )

Hardcore fans of Gomora may have already noticed the trailer for the Monday episode that reads the community is enraged by the passing of Buhle Ndaba. The new episodes will shed light on where the teenager disappeared and the details behind her life till now and reveal the tragic passing of Buhle as she reunites with her mother, Thathi.

Thathi will be left to lay her daughter to rest after recently burying her son, Langa. Her healing journey will be heartbreaking for fans to watch as the tearjerkers start this season.

Where Is Ama Qamata Today?

Ama Qamata has announced her exit from the hit show Gomora on Mzansi Magic and moving on to a more global audience with her new Netflix roles.

With success she saw from her Netflix debut in Blood & Water, Qamata is currently preparing for her role as Puleng in the new season of Blood & Water. The actress expressed her gratitude for the success of the show on Instagram, writing,

"Dear Black child, it's possible" 👏❤ The magnitude of this moment has finally sunk in for me, and I am genuinely in awe!! You are all witnessing a dream come true. "

She further wrote, "Gratitude is the only word I can use to describe my feelings. God is so good. He trusted us with such a huge moment; all praise and glory can only go to Him. I am so humbled by the reception of Blood and Water."

Ama Qamata as Pelung in Netflix's Blood and Water ( Source : Iol )

The 23-year-old got the role after the executive director suggested she audition for the position in the Netflix show, and it was a perfect fit for the actress. After her break from Gomora, she is taking time to treat herself for the hard work she put into the project and preparing for future projects.


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