Is Alice Eduardo Married - Who Is Her Husband? Find Out About Her Children & Family

Filipino businesswoman Alice Eduardo ( Source : Instagram )

Entrepreneur Alice Eduardo is from the Philippines. She founded Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation and serves as its president and CEO.

In the building sector, Alice Eduardo has established a reputation for herself. She started with steel, built her reputation on steel, and helped Sta. Elena Construction and Development become what it is today.

The business is eligible to submit a bid for any project worth a billion pesos because it has a capitalization of at least Php300 million. Her first significant undertaking was the Bacnotan Steel Plant; two other Batangas facilities followed in Santa Rita and San Lorenzo.

She may be well-known to some because of her famous relatives and acquaintances, but in the business world, she has earned a reputation as the person responsible for 80% of the Entertainment City in Paraaque

Alice Eduardo Husband - Who Is She Married To?

Alice Eduardo is not connected with anyone. However, as per reports, she was married to Noberto Vitangcol. They had three children as a result of their marriage. 

After some time, Alice learned from a marriage contract recorded with the NSO that Norberto had previously been married to a specific Gina Gaerlan on July 17, 1987. Due to this, Alice accused Noberto of bigamy.

The Regional Trial Court (RTC) rendered a decision in Alice's favor and found Norberto guilty of bigamy. The Court of Appeals upheld Norberto's guilty conviction.

The SC additionally ruled that a judge had not declared Noberto's first marriage void. Consequently, the second component of the bigamy offense is present.

According to Art. 40 of the Civil Code, a former marriage's total nullity may be cited for remarriage reasons based merely on a judicial ruling deeming it void.

Noberto acknowledged being hitched to Alice G. Eduardo on December 4, 1994. The final component of bigamy was assumed. When the petitioner afterward married Alice without having his first marriage to Gina legally dissolved, the crime of bigamy was fully committed.

Who Is Alice Eduardo? 

Alice Eduardo, known as the Woman of Steel, serves as the company's president and CEO. Sta. Elena Construction expanded from Batangas factories to lay the foundations for most of Entertainment City in Paraaque.

Her mother, who came from a traditional Filipino family, advised her against becoming an engineer because it is essentially a male-dominated field.

She should train to be a doctor or nurse, which would be a better fit for her. However, Alice Eduardo didn't want to play these roles, so she compromised by enrolling in and completing a management program.

Alice Edurado is also one of PeopleAsia's People of the Year 2017 awardees ( Source : Instagram )

She gained business acumen by running the family enterprises, which helped her secure more contracts. Alice was more than willing to take the job when Henry Sy, the guy behind SM, chose to construct the SM Mall of Asia (MOA).

In actuality, her business was among the few construction companies with the right tools for the job.

Alice is also a generous giver. Her most significant passion project is the Department of Pediatrics-Hematology-Oncology Isolation Ward at Philippine General Hospital (PGH). The 320 square meters Php 8 million cancer ward may house up to 15 terminally sick cancer patients, giving cancer patients hope.

Alice Eduardo Children 

Alice Eduardo posts pictures of her life with her family, friends, and vacations on Instagram. Jacqueline, Jameson, and Jessica Vitangcol are her three children.

She spends a lot of time between Manila and Los Angeles visiting her parents and siblings. Her posts also showcase her love for designer brands like Gucci, Hermes, and Rolls-Royce.

She was drawn to properties long before Eduardo started as a young businessperson. While still in college, she purchased her first condominium in Ortigas.

For her entrepreneurial accomplishments, Eduardo has received praise, including being named one of Go Negosyo's 50 Inspiring Women of Passion.

Online records show that Eduardo paid $8,275,000 for the five-bedroom, seven-bath, 8,522-square-foot property in 2013. (approximately P397,679,950). There are French doors, a two-story living room, a double-sided staircase, a spacious formal dining room, a gourmet kitchen, a family room, and a library.


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