Irv Gotti Ex Wife Deb Lorenzo & Girlfriends Ashley Martelle and Val Mercado - His Past Relationships


Gotti has always been on the headlines for his cheating scandals ( Source : Dailymail )

Irv Gotti and his ex-wife, Deb Lorenzo, divorced in 2013 following years of claims of infidelity and the harboring of girlfriends.

Irv Gotti is an American DJ, music producer, record executive, and the CEO and co-founder of Murder Inc. Records. He goes by the stage name Irving Domingo Lorenzo Jr. He is well known for his work with Jay-Z, DMX, and Kanye West and for creating several number-one singles for Ashanti, Ja Rule, and Jennifer Lopez. Gotti also created the Tales television series on BET.

Hip-hop celebrities are not usually the most devoted spouses. The producer of Can I Live confesses to having an extramarital relationship with his mistress and girlfriends. However, he may have suddenly discovered a rescuer in the shape of his wife, who will free him from living as an infidel.

Irv Gotti's Ex-Wife, Deb Lorenzo

Irv Gotti has a history of controversies; he and his ex-wife, Deb Lorenzo, called it quits in October 2013 following years of infidelity accusations and hiding girlfriends around the nation. Sonny and JJ Gotti, the eldest and youngest boys, and Angie Gotti, the middle daughter, were the three children he and his ex-wife Debbie had together.

Debbie was insistent that Irv should stop being unfaithful. Even though they were still coworkers on the same reality program, Gotti's Way, she admitted that there was nothing between them in an Essence interview from 2009.

Deb Lorenzo was snapped at a NYC premiere in August ( Source : Dailymail )

Their separation seems to have taken a while to happen. The Can I Live producer admitted having girlfriends and mistresses while married to his wife.

Irv and his ex-wife, Debbie, get along well despite their divorce. He sent his "babies mama" his congratulations on her adorable kids on Mother's Day 2018. In the caption, he stated that Debbie should have half the credit for their children and that he would be at her side till the end.

Irv Gotti Girlfriends: Ashley Martelle and Val Mercado.

No further accusations of infidelity have been brought against the Hip-Hop producer since his marriage to Ashley, suggesting that he has put his wandering ways behind him and learned from his mistakes. He has a second chance to make a solid first impression with Ashley, his second wife.

The hip-hop artist's wife is Ashley Martelle. Ashley is 20 years his junior. His wife, Ashley, used to be a Taz Angel. According to Urban Dictionary, Taz Angels are escorts that party all day and night in a home in Washington, DC.

In August 2016, his then-girlfriend Ashley posted a video of them practicing oral sex on Snapchat, which sparked an internet backlash against him. He has already moved on from his ex-girlfriend, Ashley, and stopped any chance of their relationship via Instagram.

Gotti and Val Mercado, a 26-year-old model and aspiring actress connected to the American rapper Tyga, have resumed their romance. Irv formally confirmed the connection on Instagram in August 2018.

We'll have to wait and watch how long the 49-year-old music executive's current infatuation with Val lasts, given his history of failed relationships and infidelity.

Irv Gotti and Ashanti Relationship Scandal

Irv Gotti has been the focus of a few scandals throughout his career.

In addition to the legal dispute about money laundering, Gotti was involved in a fight. The fight broke out outside of a club and was recorded on camera. On several social media platforms, videos of Ja Rule and Gotti arguing and trading insults with an unnamed individual were posted.

Unknown factors may have sparked the altercation, but Gotti has long advocated for the cessation of rap battle violence. Nobody was surprised to learn that Gotti and Ashanti had a close bond. There were rumors that the two were involved in a love connection in addition to their work partnership.

Despite the claims, however, according to Information Cradle, Gotti appeared on the Wendy Williams program and addressed the issue, stating that he never had a romantic or sexual relationship with the singer and that their relationship was only focused on music.

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