How Rich Is Sharon Brittan - What Is The Net Worth Of Bolton Wanderers F.C. Owner?


Sharon Brittan during Carabao Cup Second ROund tie ( Source : instagram )

Football Ventures' Sharon Brittan has a multi-million dollar net worth. Find out her age and who her husband is. Is it true that she is listed on Wikipedia?

The Football Ventures consortium includes a number of businesspeople, including Sharon Brittan, but we'll talk more about them later. Brittan, meantime, has had a lengthy and successful career of her own. The 52-year-old has served as a director for 38 businesses over the past 25 years, and she presently has six active directorships, one of which is with the Football Ventures consortium.

It is anticipated that Sharon Brittan, who led the offer, will replace Ken Anderson as chairman of Bolton Wanderers in addition to serving as one of the Football Ventures consortium's directors.

Former Bolton Wanderers manager Phil Parkinson said the Sharon Brittan and Football Ventures were a "breath of new air" for the team after months of uncertainty. Sharon Brittan is joined by a number of companies and one surprise newcomer in the Football Ventures consortium.

Sharon Brittan Net Worth: How Rich Is She?

Sharon is estimated to be worth about £45.8 million, or $64.77 million, by Company Check. Sharon Brittan is said to have assets worth about £45.8 million by

Furthermore, she is the administrator of Bolton Wanderers in addition to being the CEO of Football Ventures. Football Ventures took acquired the team in August 2019 after putting out a respectable effort for six months.

Net Worth $ 60 million USD to $ 64.77 million USD
Income $ 60 – $ 69,999 
ProfessionFootball ventures

We can be sure she earns a fair salary because she serves as the chairman of the football club Bolton Wanderers. Brittan has a distinguished directing career and is a prosperous businessman. She has owned roughly 38 businesses throughout the course of her 25-year career.

Recently, Sharon Brittan is also joining the new football venture and she is also a new owner of Bolton Wanderers. In the Football Ventures consortium, Sharon Brittan is joined by a number of businesses as well as one unexpected newcomer.

One of the project's key players is the real estate entrepreneur Michael James, who made a large financial contribution toward the purchase of the club and the nearby Bolton Whites Hotel. Despite no longer serving as a director for the consortium, businessman Jeffrey Thomas is reportedly still connected.

The most notable and unexpected member of the Football Ventures lineup is Nick Mason, the drummer for the venerable prog-rock band Pink Floyd. Bolton Wanderers fans will undoubtedly be thrilled that the danger of liquidation has been dropped and the club is now able to live and, perhaps, thrive once more. Whether or not the Football Ventures consortium can provide the stability that Bolton Wanderers needs remains to be seen.

Sharon Brittan Wikipedia And Bio

Brittan is the chairman of the football club Bolton Wanderers, however, Wikipedia does not yet have a biography of him.

Because of the work she undertook to save the club from closure, Sharon is well-known among the football team's fans. The world's top business visionary, Sharon has had a distinguished career in high positions. She has successfully claimed roughly 38 organizations over the course of her 25-year career, according to reports.

Sharon Brittan
Sharon Brittan ( Source : hitc )

Sharon is one of the numerous people who collaborate with the Football Ventures group. We were unable to find her on social media, so she must not be particularly active there.

Sharon Brittan Age Details 

Hitc claims that Sharon is 52 years old in actuality. Every year on February 27th, she has a birthday celebration with her loved ones. She was conceived in 1969. However, Wikipedia doesn't presently contain a biography for Sharon Brittan.

However, the business incomparable has been a magnetic character. He holds the same position in other UK organizations, notably the Football Ventures consortium.

Brittan loves football and steers clear of the activity and people. While the coronavirus outbreak was ongoing, she sent a beautiful letter to the Wanderers fans.

We were unable to find out her height and weight because she hasn't made her physical stature available for verification. We currently don't know anything about her family either. She appears to prefer to keep her personal and professional lives apart.

Sharon Brittan hasn't given many details about her husband and family up to this point. She prefers to keep things private when it comes to her personal life.


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