How Old Is Priscilla Delgado? Edad & Wikipedia Biography Of The Actress

Priscilla Delgado, a Spanish actress. ( Source : Instagram )

Priscilla Delgado is a Spanish actress who is 20 years old and already renowned for her acting in many projects.

Spanish actress Priscilla Delgado most recently played Esti González in the 2022 television series A League of Their Own. She is highly renowned for her roles in other movies including, Julieta, Amador, and Abracadabra.

She is very popular among Spanish people, and her movies are loved by many. Priscilla is a natural at her acting skills, and her works in the movies have proved it.

What Is Priscilla Delgado Edad? Her Biography Explored

Priscilla's edad is 20 as of 2022. She was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on March 31, 2002. The 31st of March is the day she celebrates her birthday. She is an Aries by horoscope.

Priscilla Delgado in one of her Instagram posts. ( Source : Instagram )

Delgado became well-known for her parts in Julieta, Abracadabra, and Los Hombres de Paco. She made her movie acting debut in 2009. She made a breakthrough in her career when she played Hija Bel in The Consul of Sodom.

She is bilingual, making it simpler to land parts in both, Spanish and English. Pricilla is still a young actress with a lot to learn. She has already accomplished a few of her goals, but she still has more she wants to do.

The Spanish actress started her professional career as an actress in 2008. She has been a part of many movies and television shows throughout her career.

What Is Priscilla Delgado Nationality?

Priscilla is a Puerto Rican, and was born in Puerto Rico with her family. Her family brought her up in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she was born. Her father is Miguel, and her mother is Priscila Silva. She and her mother were close when she was growing up.

Her mother used to spend a lot of time with her and taught her how to do several household tasks. There isn't a lot of information available about her parents. Her sibling's name is Gabriel Angel Delgado.

But Priscilla loves to spend time with her family whenever she is not working. She always wanted to make her parents proud of her career. Today she is a renowned Spanish actress who also wishes to be a part of hit projects in Hollywood. 

Meet Priscilla Delgado On Her Instagram Account

Priscilla's Instagram handle goes under @priscilla.delgado. She has a verified Instagram account with 43.6k followers while she only follows back about 700 people.

Delgado started gaining attention on social media after her appearances in movies were a hit. She soon started gaining thousands of followers on Instagram.

Even though she only has 12 posts on her Instagram, her fans are very supportive and always love to compliment the beautiful actress. She often posts pictures of herself taken at different events.

Judging from her Instagram account, she does not like to post much on her social media. She also often promotes her upcoming projects through her social media account.


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