How Old Is Pinuppixie From Tiktok? Details We Know About The Social Media Star

Bianca Blakney the Canadian social media personality ( Source : Thefamouspeople )

The renowned celebrity in the Tiktok Pinuppixie is 24 years old.

She is the cosplay content creator and Tiktok personality who came to fame with the name Pinuppixie. Similarly, her short form 1950's inspired cosplay videos have achieved more than 9 million followers.

Even she made multiple videos where she tried vintage appliances from as far back as the 1910s. She started her Tiktok account just for fun and as the trend of the time. 

Bianca has earned ten million followers and 404.9 million likes on her Tiktok. From 2017 she is the dressing vintage she mentioned on her account. 

Bianca, Known As Pinuppixie In Tiktok, Is 24 Years Old

Pinuppixie the Tiktok star, was born on November 25, 1997, in Canada with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Her real name is Bianca. 

Furthermore, the celebrity stands five feet and four inches tall with a weight of 55 kilograms. Bianca holds the nationality of Canada.

She was intense about fashion and modeling when she was a kid. The TikTok star got a lot of love and care from her parents, and she is achieving his day to day career with the support of her family.

In Addition, she is active on the social media platform Instagram under the name @pinuppixietm, where she got 342 thousand followers and followed back two thousand people.

Pinuppixie was intense about fashion and modeling when she was a kid ( Source : Biographymask )

On his account, she mentioned a website where she shared all her social media accounts.

Is Pinuppixie Married To Her Husband?

While talking about her marital status, she is a married woman. Similarly, she made the Tiktok with her husband back in 2021.

Further, her stepchildren Jasmine and Jake have appeared on her TikTok handle. 

Moreover, she strumbled over her cat in a dance video set to Camila Cabello's My Oh My and even used Avril Lavigne and Vampire Weekend music in her videos. 

On Twitter, she is active with the username @PinupPixiee. She earned seven thousand followers and followed back one hundred people. The star started using Twitter in October 2015.


My husband asked me what I was doing at home today … and this is what I’m doing

♬ original sound - Bianca Blakney

She declared that she loves fashion and does makeup for fun on her account. Bianca seems far from her Twitter, as her last post was on November 28, 2021.

What Is The Net Worth Of Pinuppixie In 2022?

Net Worth In 2022$50 thousand 
Salary In 2022$3,300 per month

Pinuppixie net worth is $50 thousand with a monthly salary of $3,300. Similarly, she is living a good life with her money.

Her income sources are Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and sponsorships.

In Addition, her Youtuber channel got 13.7 thousand subscribers and 1 million views in 2022. She joined Youtube on July 9, 2020.

She mentioned that she posts tutorials, VLOGS, and many more different types of videos and does plan to create game plays and reactions soon, so she wants her followers to look for the videos.

Moreover, the celebrity is a pet lover and loves to do skateboarding in her free time.

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