How Old Is Hunter Ecimovic? Milly Bobbie Brown Ex Boyfriend Later Apologized For His Grooming Comments

Millie Bobby Brown was linked up with ex Hunter Ecimovic ( Source : Livesportv )

Tiktok celebrity Hunter Ecimovi was well-known. He is entangled in the Millie Bobby Brown grooming scandal.

Following Hunter Echo's offensive and vile statements about her and their supposed connection on Instagram live, Millie Bobby Brown has spoken out about her relationship with the TikToker.

Before explaining that she's spent the last year "healing," Millie reflected on Hunter's crude statements during the Livestream. She then recalled feeling "powerless" after being "publicly humiliated" by Hunter.

The Stranger Things actor said that she split from Hunter in January 2021, roughly six months before his Instagram Live, as the interviewer points out. Let's explore more about it. 

How Old Is Hunter Ecimovic? 

22-year-old Hunter Ecimovic is a popular Tiktok user. On January 29, 2000, he was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Tiktoker is well known for his doodles and lip syncs. His collaboration with other Tiktokers and prank videos have earned him some notoriety. He opened an account in October 2019, and after receiving thousands of views on his Tiktok movies, he quickly became well-known during the Covid-19 era.

Hunter Ecimovic in the frame ( Source : Instagram )

There were roughly 1.6 million Tiktok followers for the content provider. On Instagram, he had a little more than 120,000 followers as well. Additionally, he has Luke, his brother, with whom he has previously worked on videos.

Though they never publicly admitted it, there was conjecture that they were dating after they were spotted kissing and cuddling in a string of social media photographs that appeared to have been taken in 2020.

Milly Bobbie Brown Ex Boyfriend Hunter Ecimovic Grooming Comments 

Hunter Ecimovic went live on Instagram in July 2021 and declared that he had "groomed" Millie. In addition, he expressed inappropriate sexual remarks toward the teenager. Hunter was supposedly 20 years old at the time, while Millie was 16 years old.

The Stranger Things actor didn't discuss the incident then and stayed off social media. Later, in a statement, her agents referred to Hunter's comments as "dishonest, irresponsible, insulting, and vile" and said that they would be acting against Hunter in private.

Millie has now opened up about that specific period of her life in a new cover story with Allure, describing how she felt "empowered" after leaving a scenario where she was "publicly humiliated" on social media.

Hunter, who at the time had more than 1.6 million followers on TikTok, went live with a group of pals and made several obscene comments about his and Millie's claimed connection.

He also joked that the Stranger Things actor had been "in love" with him. At the time, Millie had already started seeing Jake Bongiovi, who is currently her boyfriend.

While Millie and Hunter's relationship, which she refers to as an "unhealthy scenario," began in 2020 and ended in January 2021, Hunter's Instagram live in the summer of 2021. 

Milly Bobbie Brown & Hunter Ecimovic Age Difference 

When Mille Bobbie Brown and Hunter Ecimovic, who was 20( now 22) at the time, were allegedly dating, she was sixteen (now 18). Thus they share an age gap of 4 years. 

Hunter received harsh criticism for his comments and ultimately had to apologize after the controversy. Although her staff quickly referred to Hunter's charges as "irresponsible, rude, and cruel," Millie didn't personally respond to them.

While filming Stranger Things 4, Millie revealed that she was currently struggling with the circumstances surrounding Instagram Live.

In her compelling performance as Eleven, she channeled her emotions and any lingering pain from that experience, according to her biography in Allure. Millie added that she didn't mention it to any of her coworkers either.

In other parts of the conversation, Millie talked openly about her choice to delete social media apps from her phone due to years of online harassment and hateful remarks.


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