How Is Whitney Thore Mother Babs Thore Doing? My Big Fat Fabulous Life Star And Her Family

Whitney Thore Shares About Her Mother's Health In Season 10 ( Source : Newstimes )

Whitney Thore's mother, Babs Thore's mother, had suffered a second stroke. She was said to have been recovering, but suddenly rumors have it that she is dead. 

Season 10 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life premiered where viewers saw how Whitney coped with the stress when her mother suddenly got a stroke for the second time. At that time, her father and brother were also quarantined because of covid. 

Is Whitney Thore Mother Babs Thore Dead?

Whitney Thore's mother, Babs Thore, was sent to the hospital after a second stroke. Hunter, Whitney's brother, found their mother on the couch.

After suffering her first stroke and seizures in 2017, Babs made a full recovery. But, after five years, it was a second one at 75. The situation turned worse later when tests revealed that she had COVID too.

Whitney's father, Glenn, and brother, Hunter, were also tested positive and forced to stay in quarantine and could not visit Babs. It took a huge toll on Whitney, who was the only person who could go see her mother.

Initially, doctors hoped Babs would recover sufficiently to leave the ICU and enroll in the hospital's rehabilitation program. Then, they had hoped she could go home if that went well.

However, her condition did not seem to improve even after more than a week. The doctors said she was no longer qualified for the rehab program. They started asking Thore to discuss with the family member if they wanted to continue to feed her on a tube.  

But, in the preview of the 1st episode of season 10, there were videos of her mother walking around, which relieved viewers. She was said to be recovering well.

However, recently there have been rumors that she has died. Some netizens on Twitter said she had passed away and paid tribute to her. But, there is no official information from the family, and many fans hope she is doing well. 

Whitney Thore Boyfriend Lennie- Are They Still Together?

Whitney Thore was rumored to have been in a long-distance relationship with a Frenchman following her breakup from Lennie. However, some think Whitney has moved on from that long-distance relationship and is back together with Lennie.

Her ex-partner unexpectedly turned up at her home because he was nearby, as fans saw on Season 8 of MBFFL. Lennie said that he still had feelings for Whitney.

Whitney Thore with her brother (left) and Lennie (right) ( Source : Instagram )

The few images of Whitney and Lennie she shared on Instagram provide additional "evidence" that they may be reconciled. They appear to be filming for My Big Fat Fabulous Life in another image.

Nevertheless, viewers may have to follow through season 10 to find out how her relationship with Lennie may turn out. 

Whitney Thore Net Worth- How Much Does She Earn?

Whitney Thore formerly worked as an English teacher in Korea before she became a television star. She eventually returned to the country and was hired as a producer at a radio station.

She became a public figure when her dancing video got viral on the internet. After that, she started talking about body positivity and became an influencer.

After that, she got an opportunity to have her own TLC program, My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Her life is shown in this show, which debuted in 2015.

According to RealityTitBit, she has collected an impressive net worth of $4 million. Thus, her payment for each show episode ranges from $5000 to $10000. Likewise, she has also endorsements from big brands like Torrid, Under Armour, and FabFitFun.


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