How Is Dani Beckstrom Doing At ABC? Meteorologist Had An Amazing After Leaving KTNV Las Vegas

Dani Beckstrom as she debuts at ABC7 weather forecast on August 11, 2022 Dani is an American meteorologists and a news anchor, How Is Dani Beckstrom Doing At ABC, Meteorologist After Leaving KTNV Las Vegas ( Source : Instagram )

Former KTNV's meteorologist teammate joined the country's most-watched and no.1 local station, New York's WABC, after announcing her resignation from KTNV last month. Dani is head over heels for joining her decade-long dream station ABC7 as a newscast. Her debut on August 11 was exciting and smooth, as she enjoyed what she loves doing and does best.

A quick backstory, Dani is an American meteorologist and news anchor who is a proud Mississippi State University & Brigham Young University alumni. She recently joined ABC7 as a member of its legendary weather team; she couldn't have been so proud of her.

How Is Dani Beckstrom Doing At ABC?

After working for the KTNV Las Vegas meteorologist team for 3 years, the 31-year-old accepted the offer for a newscast spot on the legendary weather team of ABC7NY. Following her social media announcement last month, Dani garnered years of experience as a meteorologist. Dani debuted her first show for ABCNY on August 11, Friday.

Dani had a smooth first newscast on ABC7NY apart from her mic crashing as she wrote on her Twitter. Her former colleagues were watching her debut newscast from across the country. While interning at NY1, she would make herself walk 30 blocks more just to pass ABC7. Landing a weather position at ABC7 was her decade-old dream. She seems excited about her new journey leaving behind her beloved KTNV family, who she misses leaving behind. 

Prior To Her New Gig At ABC7

Danni joined the KTNV's meteorologists team in June of 2019 after covering hurricanes at Scripps for years while she was getting her Meteorologists degree.

How Is Dani Beckstrom Doing At ABC Meteorologist After Leaving KTNV Las Vegas ( Source : Showbizcorner )

She served on an anchor desk and worked as a reporter in Eastern Idaho for KIVI TV, where she worked as a weather anchor and reporter. While at BYU, she interned in New York City lifestyle department. She also served as morning meteorologist for WFTX Fox 4, Fort Myers, Florida. 

She Is A Mississippi State University Alumni

Dani Beckstrom enrolled at Brigham Young University, where she graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2013. While at her Uni, she was a member of the BYU cheerleading squad team. However, she preferred being on the sidelines and paid her utmost attention to sports broadcasting. To further enhance her knowledge, Dani attended Mississippi State University to get her certificate in Broadcast Meteorology.

Is Danni Beckstrom Married?

The MSU alumni, Danni, is not dating anyone at the moment. No rumors have been going around considering her romantic life. As we skimmed through her social media profiles, our team found nothing that would link to her romantic partner. So, it's fair that we conclude she is currently single, work being her main priority.

weather expert, meteorologist, and a news anchor Dani Beckstrom living a lavish lifestyle with the money she has earned over the last few years, she looks so happy and successful ( Source : Instagram )

She recently joined her dream job at ABC7; she probably had her priority in check. Her career seems more important than having a partner at the moment. Danni Beckstrom is not married to anyone as of this writing. However, we'll keep tabs on these matters if any information comes to our sight.

How Much Is Dani Beckstrom Worth?

According to, the average Meteorologist in the United States earns around $103,719 annually. While the average news reporter earns roughly around $57,777 annually.

Dani has been in the news industry for many years; no wonder she has made thousands of dollars as an anchor and Meteorologist. Looking at her Instagram feed, she seems to have led a lavish lifestyle thus far. According to some popular online claims, the weather anchor Dani Beckstrom has a net worth of approximately $1 million.

Meet Danni's Parents & Siblings

Born in Boise, Idaho, on June 4, 1991, Dani Beckstrom is close to her family members. She showcases how much her family is essential to her and always finds time to be with them, despite her busy schedule as a meteorologist. Dani was raised by her father, Brad Beckstrom, and mother, Julie Walker Bectsrom, in Idaho.

ABC7 Newscast Dani Beckstrom celebrating Christmas with her parents Julie Walker & Brad Beckstrom, and siblings, Jenna & Scottie ( Source : Instagram )

Dani had a vibrant and happy childhood as she grew up with two younger siblings with whom she shares a strong bond. Her sister, Jenna Beckstrom, is a prolific dancer and has stepped into the world of pageantry. Not to mention, Jenna is the title holder of Miss Idaho Teen USA.

Furthermore, Dani has a brother, Scottie Beckstrom, who studies Law at the University of Idaho. Both of her siblings are successful in their respective professions. Dani, Scott, and Jenna love hanging out with each other. Looking at Dani's Instagram, the Beckstrom siblings are fun together; they go on hikes together and seem to love each other's company. The siblings went to Mary Jane Falls Trail to hike, as seen in the picture below.

ABC7 Meteorologist Dani Beckstrom hiking in Mary Jane Falls Trail with her two siblings, Jenna and Scott, Beckstrom's siblings love to hangout with each other ( Source : Instagram )

In addition, they seem supportive of each other. Like, Dani and her brother attended their sister's dance performance in her high school. Likewise, Scott went to the meteorologist's studio and clicked many pictures together. What's funny about that is that Dani went on to her Instagram and posted a picture with her brother captioning, 'Always happy to take pictures with a fan.' Dani is often seen joking about her younger siblings on Instagram.


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