How Did Cooper Noriega Die? Death Cause And Family Details Of The Web Star


Fans Miss Cooper Noriega ( Source : Instagram )

Cooper Noriega's cause of death is yet to be discovered. However, he was struggling with mental health and addiction. 

He died at the age of 19. He was a young Tiktoker who dreamt of helping people who needed help to deal with their mental illness and addiction. 

Cooper Noriega Cause Of Death- Was It Mental Illness Or Drug Abuse?

Cooper Noriega was a TikTok celebrity and mental health advocate. He was found unconscious in a Burbank parking lot on June 9.

A passerby called 911, and Los Angeles Medical Examiner-Coroner's office pronounced him dead at the scene. However, they said that the cause of death is not yet determined, even after an autopsy, and they do not know when it will be available. 

However, people speculated that it could be mental illness or drug abuse. These speculations were based on his activities and social media posts days before his demise.

A few days before his death, he shared that he had started a text channel for mental health on Discord and wrote about his struggles with addiction on Instagram. He was open about his how he had struggled with addiction since he was nine. 

Cooper Noreiga Was A Popular Tiktok Star
Cooper Noreiga Was A Popular Tiktok Star ( Source : Instagram )

He wanted to use his influence to create a safe space built on spreading awareness and normalizing talking about mental health. He also added that he wanted to open a rehab center where staff members are trusted, and people were not traumatized at the end of their recovery period. 

Likewise, hours before he was found dead, he had uploaded a Tiktok video in which he questioned who else would be thinking they were going to die young. The video was viewed millions of times and shared all over social media after news of his passing was released online. 

Cooper Noriega Sister Parker Noreiga Dating Rumors With Jaden Hossler

Rumors about Cooper Noreiga's sister, Parker Noreiga, dating Jaden Hossler appeared online. The brother-sister duo knew Jaden for a long time.

Fans have recently observed that Parker and Jaden spend much time together. However, none of them have confirmed it. Thus, some think the duo has supported one another through their shared tragedy.

Parker lost her brother, whereas Hossler lost his best friend. But, some netizens speculated that Cooper's relationship with his sister and friend was in trouble at the time of his death, as per sources. 

Words were circulating on social media that Cooper had unfollowed his sister's Instagram and was not on good terms with Hossler. He had admitted that his relationship with Hossler had some issues during the BFF's podcast. But, he also said he was open to reconciliation. 

Many fans thought that Hossler and Parker alleged relationship could have been the reason behind Cooper's troubled relationship with them. Nevertheless, there is no official confirmation regarding this matter. 

Cooper Noriega Parents Miss Him

Cooper Noreiga was survived by his parents and sister. His mom is Treva Noriega, and his dad is Harold Noriega. 

His father said that the family would continue what their son had started. He added that he wanted to continue and fulfill their son's wish. 

Cooper Noriega Family Message Following His Death
Cooper Noriega Family Message Following His Death ( Source : Instagram )

They continued the Discord that Cooper had started. In addition, they promote the server using his Instagram. they have also established a charitable organization, Coop's Advice Foundation, whose mission is to rethink how society understands and addresses mental health and addiction. 

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