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Hazen Audel shared about 35 different species of rattlesnakes in North America in episode 2 of Primal Survivor. ( Source : Facebook )

Hazen Audel is a National Geographic Presenter, artist, and professional adventurer.

Audel is an artist recognized for his National Geographic series Primal Survivor. He showed the rigorous life of indigenous people in his program. Previously, Audel had collaborated with the channel to make a movie about living with a Native American tribe. 

Audel is an educator who taught biology and art in Spokane, Washington, at Joel E. Ferris High School for 11 years. He completed his graduation and wants to explore the rainforest at 19. His interest has led him to different challenging aspects of his life. 

Further, Audel is known for his infectious enthusiasm. The reality star has traveled worldwide for over two decades and became a part of exotic activities, which included crocodile egg hunting in Papua New Guinea, spear-fishing in the Western Pacific Coral Islands, and herding reindeer in Norway. 

Some quick facts to learn about the television presenter Hazen Audel about his rainforest:

  • Audel loved nature from childhood and saved money to see the rainforest at age 19. 
  • Although the presenter suspected he would survive in Ecuador for three weeks with his 50 pounds bag, he lasted long enough. 
  • Audel's presence had noticed by indigenous people who taught him about different methods of fishing and later invited him to live with them
  • After the Journey, he returned to the village every year and learned more about them. 

Who Is Hazen Audel? Know Reality TV Star Age

Audel is a television presenter, biologist, and history guide artist. Besides this, he is a craftsman. National Geographic Channel series and Primal Survivor documented his adventures living with and working alongside indigenous people after his success of Survive the Tribe. 

Additionally, the skilled adventure shared his Journey in remote regions of the world. He was born and flourished in Spokane, Washington, Hazen, United States. He is currently 48 years old as of January 25, 2022. The presenter is a Kootenai and Salish Native American. 

However, he is of Greek descent. Audel is the founder of the classroom, a non-profit online web series offering teachers and students quality natural history educational videos. The Wild Classroom focused on the experience used in both school and home. 

Hazen Audel spent some time returning to the land where his grandmother was born at Flathead Indian Reservation.
Hazen Audel spent some time returning to the land where his grandmother was born at Flathead Indian Reservation. ( Source : Instagram )

Audel recounts his brush with South America with the illegal oil industry and hair-raising. Also, he encountered near death and shared his inspiring story of times. The presenter spent quality time fishing and parting with the local people and family. 

He shared the palm leaf fishing shack in Indonesia on his social platform with some local remote people. On his Instagram biography, Audel featured seeking & savoring the creativity, nature, culture & maker of the most on this earth

goes big&fast. 

Moreover, his household is in the Great North West of the United States, right on the border of Idaho and Washington State. The television personality is in love with nature and has been directed to natural beauty since childhood. 

Hazen Audel Net Worth: How Much She Make?

According to Celebsmoney, Audel estimated net worth is around $100,000 to $1 million. He is a renowned reality star, Survivalist, and biologist. He rose to stardom as part of the National Geographic channel's television series Survive the Tribe in 2014. Later, in 2016 he started hosting the show, Primal Survivor. 

YearEstimated Net Worth
2022$100,000 to $1 million
2021$1 million

Audel is a skilled artist and craftsman creating jewelry, sculptures, and architectural artwork. From his different professions, he may acquire husky cash. Even the presenter has experienced an outing. He spent his fifteen tears as an outdoor experience leader.

Hazen Audel and his dad build this car together as a father & son project by scrounging up parts from old garages and fields.
Hazen Audel and his dad build this car together as a father & son project by scrounging up parts from old garages and fields. ( Source : Instagram )

At a young age, he saved money, sold his bikes and aquariums, and brought plane tickets from the fund to see the rainforest. He was leftover with $200 and landed to make his Journey to fulfill his dream in Ecuador. 

Besides this, previously, Audel was part of the Untamed Science Youtube Channel. The American adventurer was acknowledged for his series, which has been running since he arrived in 2016. On the platform, he documented his journeys to remote villages and shared the life of remote locations. 

Meet Natural History Guide Hazen Audel, Wife

Audel seemed to be more concrete on natural beauty than finding a wife. He shared his Journey, travels, and photography with his partner on his social platform. On January 9, 2022, the guide shared his time returning to the land where his grandmother had been raised.

Audel shared the picture of where his great-grandmother and all of his family histories began. His life has developed into one quite dedicated to Indigenous cultures worldwide. But around the world is right the place where his family raised him.

In his grandmother's birthplace, he sees firsthand culture and lifestyle. Also, it boggles his interpretation of the world every day. In January, early week, he had three nights of songs and dance.

Even the adventurer mentioned his ancestors refined the routes through the mountains, forests, and finally to plains where the buffalo, with the assistance of other tribes awaiting the annual reunion.

Some FQA to know about Audel:

What does Audel dream for the world in the future?

He wants the world to be a place where people are aware of and understand nature and science.

What was Audel's best travel memory?

The best memory was the time with his dad on long camping trips in the red suburban.

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