Has Nanaia Mahuta Lost Weight? NZ's Foreign Minster's Latest Appearance Amid Body Positivity Debate


Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta Has Lost 15 kg In Couple Of Months ( Source : instagram )

Nanaia Cybele Mahuta is a female New Zealand politician who recently made headlines as she lost 15 kg of her weight.

The politician, Cybele, after the birth of her second child, underwent the natural consequence of a healthier lifestyle and was able to shed that excess weight. She looks forward to living a happy and healthy life, as she does not want to face the same consequences of weight-related health problems and cancer within her own family.

After her colleague, Parekura Horomia, from the Labour Party, lost his life to health problems caused by his overweight and obesity. Mahuta dedicated herself to leading the group of parliamentarians on a journey to change their health for the better and overhaul their life in the way Parekura never could.

Has Nanaia Mahuta Lost Weight? And How Much Did She Loose?

The Member of Parliament for Hauraki-Waikato, Nanaia Cybele, embarked on the weight loss journey and shed 15 kilograms in a couple of months. She mentioned that the death of her college Parekura was more than a cautionary tale for her and hence decided to follow a strict regime to lose weight and live a healthy life, per Stuff.

New Zealand native politician Cybele shared that her colleague committed himself to losing weight two weeks before he passed away. But unfortunately, he took the decision too late, which cost him his life in 2013.

She mentioned that her parliamentary colleague's demise motivated her to follow 12-week weight loss challenges. With the years-long of dieting and exercising, Nanaia has finally come down to around 87 kg and overhauled her overweight problems.

She has been dedicated to a healthier lifestyle since the passing of her colleague. Mahuta claimed that weight loss is just a natural consequence of a healthy lifestyle.

Nanaia Mahuta Health Condition In 2022

In the past, Nanaia faced health problems caused by her obesity. However, since she decided to live a healthy lifestyle a few years ago, we can expect her to be fit and fantastic to carry out her responsibilities as a Member of Parliament.

While wrapping up the final part of her trip to Nuku'alofa, Tonga, she shared a unique relationship shaped by close historical, cultural, and geographical ties as Pacific whanau. She shared some of the pictures from the tour on her Facebook profile.

Nanaia Mahuta MP Recently Returned From Her Trip In Niue -The Rock Of polynesia
Nanaia Mahuta MP Recently Returned From Her Trip In Niue -The Rock Of polynesia ( Source : facebook )

Naina seems perfectly fit and healthy as she actively carries out her role as a Member of Parliament. She engages her time in having conversations about type two diabetes and supporting the cause to raise awareness.

Nanaia's father, Sir Robert Mahuta, died of type two diabetes in 2001. She had to deal with cancer within her own family. As per reports, Nanaia's niece was diagnosed with cancer when she was four. Her niece lost her grandmother to lung cancer. 

New Zealand Minister Nanaia Mahuta Husband And Family

Nanaia Mahuta is married to her husband, William Gannin Ormsby, who rose to prominence as Nanaia's life partner in the Tainui seat of the Labour Party. He later made headlines because of his dispute.

Currently, there is little to no information about Ms. Mahuta's spouse William Gannin Ormsby's childhood, parents, or family after he was convicted of assaulting a female. Hamilton District Court pleaded William, 34, guilty to one charge of assaulting a lady. However, the Crown dropped other charges, such as indecent abuse and sexual assault.

Considering his appearance, William Gannin Ormsby appears to be in his 50s. Unfortunately, the Maori native Nanaia Mahuta's husband William's birthday is yet unknown.

Tribal Leader Sir Robert Mahuta: Father Of Nanaia Mahuta
Tribal Leader Sir Robert Mahuta: Father Of Nanaia Mahuta ( Source : waateanews )

Nanaia Mahuta is the daughter of prominent Maori politician Sir Robert Mahuta. She was born on August 21, 1970. Her father's birth name was Robert Jeremiah Ormsby. However, he changed to Sir Robert Te Kotahi Mahuta by deed poll.

Following in her father's footsteps as a politician, Mahuta aspires to become a great leader like her father. Her dad was the first Maori leader to negotiate a satisfactory compensation settlement with the New Zealand government for tribal land.


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