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Guy Reffitt got 7 year sentence for carrying a handgun into the Capitol ( Source : 18Livenews )

Guy Reffitt is a texas man who carried a handgun into the Capitol during January 6 insurrection and threatened his son, Jackson, to keep quiet. 

Reffitt is a man who joined the US Capitol, pledged guilty in March, and had sentenced to more than seven years in prison. The court charged him with five felony counts, including obstruction of an official proceeding and meddling with police in a riot.

According to CNN, his sentence is the longest imposed by the US Capitol rioters. In the incident, around 900 people had levied on January 6, 2021 raid on Congress. It had reported that Reffitt didn't enter the horde of Trump supporters at the Capitol.

After the officer pepper sprayed the criminal in the face, he retreated. But the video showed the incident; he was in the crowd and advised the rioters to set stairs outside the building. 

Who Is Guy Reffitt? 

Reffitt is the longest imposed person for the January 6 hearing from the other rioters. The video recording showed his planning for being a part of the riot. The court used The footage as evidence against the criminal in court. 

According to US District Judge Dabney Friedrich, the court issued a jail sentence of 87 months on Monday. Reffitt's actions had been noted as frightening claims that border on delusional. 

Reffitt is the person who has driven to follow in oil-field worker and recruiter for the far-right Three Percenters militia from Texas to Washington DC up the main staircase to the Capitol building. 

Guy Reffitt, courtroom sketch on Jan 6 trial on March 8, 2022. ( Source : Edition )

According to court papers, Reffitt tried to drag US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi out of the Capitol building by her ankles. He mentioned to fellow militia members about how he darg Pelosi down by hitting her head. 

In the first request in a US Capitol riot case, Judge Friedrich submitted below the recommendation of federal direction even though he denied applying for domestic terrorism. 

While attending the hearing, the Texan wore an orange prison jumpsuit; he rubbed his hand across his forehead. Also, he had a smile on his face after the judge credited supportive statements from Reffitt's family after the officer took him to the Washington DC courthouse.

Guy Reffitt Biography And Wikipedia Details

Reffitt is a January rioter who carried a gun to US Capitol. He had threatened House Speaker Pelosi and was condemned for his criminal offense at US Capitol. He brought the weapon on January 6, 2021riot, which resulted in the longest sentence to date. 

According to BBC reporters, government prosecutors may have a hard time with the punishment of the rioters, which he deserved. Even Reffitt was guilty by a DC jury in March of five felonies. He was charged with transporting and carrying a firearm on Capitol grounds. Perhaps, he alleged interfering with Capitol Police and obstructing an official proceeding.

Prosecutors had sought a 15-year prison term because of Reffitt's involvement in the riot and being their leader. However, other lawyers argued in the case. Whether in his presence or not, the criminal activities will have occurred at the moment. Also, the suspect has no criminal history. 

Guy Reffitt's Wife And Daughter Identified

Reffitt's wife and daughter stated on the criminal behalf. His daughter, Payton, spoke about his mental health issue in his trial. She said her dad says many things he does not mean and communicates emotionally. 

Even Payton mentioned riot didn't cite her father's name on the flags. Everyone was carrying that day, but the name was of someone else on the banner. Reffitt's wife Nicole said to reporters about the trail shows. 

Guy Reffitt, courtroom sketch while his son, Jackson, testifies against him ( Source : Bbc )

Reffitt's criminal activities were reported by his son, Jackson, to the officer. His son was only 18 then and told investigators about how his father threatened him. His father jeopardized him, saying he would be a traitor if he turned him in.

Jackson disclosed his father's wrongdoing at the earlier trial. If he spoke about the matter, then he would be shot. 

Guy Reffitt Family Details 

Reffitt's family was in the courtroom while the sentence had been handed. His wife and daughter mentioned the incident and confirmed he is not the leader of the root. Nonetheless, Prosecutors had sought the charge for almost a decade, which is longer than another terrorist. 

The government believes that what he was doing on January 6 was terrorism as he wanted to remove members of Congress from power physically. Prosecutor Jeffrey Nestler predicts him as a domestic terrorist. 

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