Gogglebox AU To Air Tribute To Di Kershaw As The Show Returns For A New Season


Di Kershaw was a star of Googlebox Australia ( Source : instagram )

Di Kershaw spent several weeks in hospital to treat her illness. However, the throat cancer had grown to the stage that it was inoperable. 

As a result, she opted to end her life earlier rather than later because she did not want to put her family watching her struggle when receiving treatment. The netizens are saddened to hear the news of her demise and mourn her loss on social media. 

Moreover, Gogglebox AU has launched its first episode of the new season and paid tribute to a late shining star of the show, Kershaw. 

What Illness Did Di Kershaw Die From?

Di Kershaw kept her illness private from the public. She was treated for nine weeks at Sydney's St Vincent's Hospital in Darlinghurst.

But, two weeks before her death, she was shifted to nearby Sacred Heart Hospice. But, as per News.Au, she chose to end her life earlier.

She was suffering from throat cancer. It had grown to the extent that it was inoperable.

Di Kershaw with her husband Mick
Di Kershaw with her husband Mick ( Source : twitter )

The doctors had provided her the option to seek chemo or radiation, but she was too weak to handle that. Since she would have felt incapacitated for another six months of her life, she chose to end it sooner because she did not want to put her family through watching her treatment.

Her grieving spouse never thought that life would put them through that situation. Many of her fans were also heartbroken to hear how tough a decision she had taken in the last days of her life. 

Friends and fans have been sending prayers and condolences to her family ever since the news of her demise circulated on the internet in late July 2022. 

Gogglebox Emotional Tribute To Di Kershaw In the First Episode Of New Season

Gogglebox pays tribute to Di Kershaw in the new season's first episode. She recently passed away after suffering from throat cancer.

Di was a beloved part of the Gogglebox family who spent every season on their couch with her husband, Mick, and gave many precious memories. In addition, she had a significant influence on audiences because she was never hesitant to speak her thoughts.

The franchise family and the fans will miss her and her priceless laugh.

According to sources, Kevin, Bob, Jared, and Mia, a family from Brisbane, will join the show this season. Kevin is a Wakka Wakka and South Sea Islander. He was raised in Queensland's South East in Butchulla Country.

Bob was raised in Mununjali Country and is a Kamilaroi man with ancestry in St George, Queensland. Jared was born in Meeanjin/Magandjin (Brisbane) but grew up in Townsville, Bowen, and Rockhampton.

Likewise, Mia was raised in the multicultural rural town of Lightning Ridge, known for its black opals.

Kevin and Bob have been dating each other for about five years and originally met Jared and Mia as undergraduate students at the university. 

Di Kershaw Husband Mick Shares Details About Last Days Of Her Life

Di Kershaw had been together with her Mick for over five decades. Both of them shared a screen in Google box.

She was one of the most loved characters on the show. She was never afraid to voice her opinion.

She was a former model who had convinced her partner, Mick, to leave his lucrative position as an advertising executive to pursue their shared passion for the arts. It has been thirty years since opening their own gallery and dealership, and the business is still going strong.


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