Funkanometry From Tiktok Make Their Way Into AGT As They Blew Away The Judges With Hip Hop Moves


Funkanometry are rocking the AGT stage. ( Source : instagram )

Carlow Rush and Jacksun Fryer are members of the renowned AGT moving group Funkanometry. According to the bio of their group Funkanometry, they were originally from Vancouver and received four yeses from the designated authorities.

Although they charm the group, the responses of judges Simon Cowell and Sofia Vergara steal the show. Sofia can't help but want to let her jaw fall.

Simon's expression of understanding suggests that the artists may have a promising future ahead of them. The combination of Funkanometry's great moves with "September" by Earth, Wind, and Fire was commendable, to say the least. Since the hip-bounce moving duo was previously featured on NBC's outmoded dancing competition series World of Dance, people may have preconceived notions about them.

Funkanometry From Tiktok Make Their Way Into AGT

Funkanometry, the dancing duo, is making their TikTok fam proud all the way. The third week into the show, they are all about radiating positivity through their acts and impressing judges more and more with each episode. 

They were selected to advance to the qualifiers, and their latest performance has grabbed all the eyeballs. They used their TikTok video compilation tricks to make their act interesting. If you give it a thought, it is beautiful to use your experience on such a big stage. Not only the judges but also fans were extremely happy to see what they brought to the table. 

The YouTube comment section is filled with people congratulating them and praising their amazing talent. This duo surely has gotten enough motivation for even better future acts. 

They perform "Boogie Wonderland," "I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)," "U Can't Touch This," and "We Are Family." One of them says, "One of the few acts that didn't fall short, in my opinion." Similarly, another says, It made me happier watching them dance than watching any of AGT's comedians, that's for sure. Great energy, fun, it's harder than it looks, and I hope they don't get discouraged by negative comments...everybody's a judge all of a sudden instead of an audience. Keep up the great work, guys, have fun; you are only young once."

People do want them to win the show already, but we will have to wait for the finale for that. Till then, it is certain that these two will be growing bigger and better.

Who Are Jacksun Fryer and Carlow Rush? Find Their Ages

Canadian hip-hop dance group Funkanometry is based on Vancouver Island. According to their website, Carlo and Jacksun Fryer first connected through dance courses and contests as their personalities and dancing styles are comparable.

It is not a new fact that they were well-known on TikTok before they gained success on America's Got Talent.

Funkanometry promoting their merchs.
Funkanometry promoting their merchs. ( Source : funkanometry )

Carlow Rush is 20 years old, while Jacksun Fryer is 19. The former was born on March 17, 2002, and the latter on March 11, 2003. Given that they were both born and reared in Canada, they are both citizens of that country.

Fryer and Rush rose to prominence from 2019's World of Dance participants. They are a hip-bounce and blasting duo from Canada's Vancouver Island who have been through struggles, lessons, and battles.


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