Fans Are Convinced That Logan Crosby Palm Leaf Cowboy Hat Clue Was About Jason Aldean


Logan Crosby and American country music singer Jason Aldean are cousins. ( Source : instagram )

Logan Crosby and country singer Jason Aldean are famous relatives.

Crosby is part of the reality television show Claim to Fame. On ABC, the American reality competition series premiered on July 11, 2022. Also, American musicians Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas are the series host.

In the show, there are Twelve contestants, and each of them has a famous relative. Jason and Logan are one of them. In the series, they have to move into a house together and keep their relationship a riddle. They should maintain their celebrity relationship a secret and find out about other relationships. 

Palm Leaf Cowboy Hat Jason Aldean Clue On Claim To Fame

Fans were convinced the palm leaf hat clue was about Jason Alden. An American country music singer is a cousin of Logon. He may collect a clue after winning immunity for the round. After participating in the competition, every participant will grant a bonus clue about another constant after success.  

From the premiere of the series Claim to fame, people started speculating about the relationships of celebrities. The guess is still longing for to season 7th episode. Previously, the most suggested member for Logan was Luke Bryan, as the musician gave Logan vibes. 

Twitter user confirmed the theory that Logan is Jason Aldean's cousin
Twitter user confirmed the theory that Logan is Jason Aldean's cousin ( Source : twitter )

However, people guess out Jason is his relative, Logan. Jason participates in the series alongside other different contestants. At the end of every episode, the constant secretly votes in the competition. They vote for the two lowest-ranked performers. The round guesser will choose a non-immune constant to announce who is related to whom. If the guess is correct, then they became part of the team. Otherwise, the guesser will be eliminated. 

The other contestant will get eliminated if the guesser finds the correct answer. The winning price in the final round is $100,000. After revealing their identity, Maxwell Norris had disqualified from week 1. He was considered the grandson of Chuck Norris. 

Logan Crosby Famous Relative and Jason Aldean Nephew

Logan's relative is considered Jason. The internet user confirmed the news on their social sites. Jason sits down with Logan to discuss country music. The podcast, The Jameson on the Rocks, has mentioned Jason Aldean and Logan are cousins. 

The user dug out the fact from the core background. On Twitter, @EmmaTolkin posted evidence that proved they are relatives. Even the musician said his mother and Jason were close in childhood. Logan admitted that he entered a music career because Jason influenced his singing. 

In Week 2, Chubb Coleman had eliminated from week two after reveling as a cousin of Zendaya. In week 3, M Lamar had eliminated after disclosing the identical twin brother of Laverne Cox. Brittany Favre is the daughter of Brett Favre, so she had eliminated from week 4. 

In week 5, the daughter of Al Sharpton, Dominique Sharpton eliminated. In week 6, Jasmine English, sister of Tiffany Haddish out, and in week 7, granddaughter of Whoop Goldberg, Amara Skyre Dean, had eliminated. 

Pepper, Adria Biles, Logan, Loreal Palmer, and Lark are the remaining participant in the competition. However, it had disclosed that Pepper is the granddaughter of someone, Adria is the sister of Simone Biles, Loreal is the sister of Keke Plamer, and Lark is the niece of someone. 

Logan is related to country singer Jason Aldean. He had inspired by Jason's singing. While entering another stage of the competition, he managed to keep his secret.

Nonetheless, other participants are busy making guesses about Logan's secret, and individuals have already discovered it. Analyzing the musician profiles, they even followed each other on Instagram. In the next episode, viewers are eager to know whether another participant will notice the new and discovered Logan secret. 

Logan Crosby started singing because Jason Aldean's inspiration
Logan Crosby started singing because Jason Aldean's inspiration ( Source : facebook )

Logan was saved from the round first, so it will be interesting to watch if the contestant will make it to the end without revealing the truth of his relationship with the country singer. Nevertheless, people thought that Logan somehow related to Tom Holland due to their similar looks.

Logan was born to parents Todd Crosby and Kristie Crosby. The couple married in 1996. His mother, 49 years, worked at Medical Arts Pharmacy. His dad, 52 age, is in Charge at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation as a special agent. 


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