Faith Nketsi Announces First Baby With Husband Nzuzo Njilo, Pregnancy Announcement In Photos

Faith Nketsi from her wedding reception day ( Source : Instagram )

Reality TV star and model Faith Nketsi finally came out with the news of her pregnancy, shocking the world after keeping hush about her pregnancy for nine months.

Nketsi's pregnancy rumors have been around since early April this year, but she shut down all talks about her pregnancy, claiming that she only gained some weight.

Fans are shocked to see the latest announcement of her pregnancy with a beautiful maternity shoot and, moments later, a picture of her holding her newborn baby.

Faith Nketsi Is Pregnant With Her Husband Nzuzo Njilo

Yes, South African model and reality TV star Faith Nketsi is pregnant with her husband, Nzuzo Njilo, and welcomed their newborn baby today, 15 August.

The South African model and reality TV star took to Instagram to announce that she had been pregnant with her first child for the past nine months and how grateful she is for her little family. Nketsi shared a picture from her maternity shoot holding her very pregnant belly and wrote,

"These past nine months have been nothing but amazing. I can't wait to share my journey with you guys. To our beautiful baby 😭 Love is what you represent, and I will love you with everything I am and pray every day that I am the best mommy to you."

Instagram story post of Faith Nketsi with her newborn child ( Source : Instagram )

An hour after posting the picture announcing her pregnancy, the model took to her Instagram stories posting a photo of her holding her newborn baby, writing,

"Thank you God. I'll forever protect our baby if it's the last thing I do."

The socialite kept her pregnancy a secret until she was through with it till her delivery, denying all the news of her pregnancy and her baby bump, surprising fans today.

Despite the secrecy, fans are grateful that both the mother and the baby are healthy and are flooding the comments of her posts with words of congratulations for the couple on being new parents.

Baby Bump Photos Of The Model

Faith Nketsi recently posted pictures of her baby bump right before delivering her first child and introducing her new baby into the world.

Baby bump pictures of Faith Nketsi from her maternity shoot ( Source : Instagram )

Despite denying all the pregnancy rumors on the internet, the model finally opened up about her pregnancy, trying to open up more about her journey over the past nine months, per her Instagram post.

With her reality show Have Faith, her pregnancy journey is probably a part of her show which is why she kept it hidden from everyone for so long.

While most of her comments have been congratulatory messages about her newborn baby, some people praise her circle for being trustworthy and loyal enough not to blow up her secret pregnancy. The star is proud of her circle of trusty besties.

Married Life Details With Husband Nzuzo Njilo

Faith Nketsi married her husband Nzuzo Njilo on 10 April 2022 and has always mentioned how grateful she is for her husband. Her married life is filled with bliss and support from her wealthy businessman husband.

Faith Nketsi and her husband, Nzuzo Njilo ( Source : Pbs )

The couple was already pregnant with their first child when they got married, as many netizens on the internet suspected. Just a day after their wedding, Nketsi posted a picture of herself on her social media in her wedding dress, expressing her Love for her husband,

"#njilofoundhisfaith I love you so much, Mr. Njilo, there won't be a day that will go past without me showing you how much I love you❤️."

In her pregnancy announcement post, she did not miss to thank her husband for being there for her throughout her pregnancy, writing,

"To my husband 🥺 I love you so much and you are such a blessing to my life. My little family is complete and I am beyond grateful."

The couple seems to be in Love with each other, and with the birth of their first child, their little family is growing, and the new parents could not be more excited about the news.

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