Evangelos Marinakis Has A Net Worth Of $630 Million, How Rich is The Nottingham Forest Owner?

One of the richest Premier League Club owner Evangelos Markinakis has estimated net worth of $630 million ( Source : Wealthypipo )

Greek media tycoon, shipowner, lyricist, and city councilman from Piraeus is Evangelos Marinakis, worth $630 million. He owns the English football team Nottingham Forest and the Greek football team Olympiacos.

Nottingham Forest is currently in a good position for direct promotion to the Premier League as they sit fifth in the 2022 EFL Championship table. We examine the club's owner Evangelos Marinakis, his wealth, his upbringing, and Forest's development under him.

Evangelos Marinakis Net Worth

Net Worth: $630 million

Evangelos Marinakis, born in July 1967, is the CEO of Capital Products Partners(CPP) and a Greek shipping mogul. CPP is a multinational shipping company specializing in the seaborne transportation of a wide range of cargoes, including dry freight and containerized goods as well as crude oil, refined oil products, and chemicals.

On $170 million in sales, Capital Product Partners earned a profit of $99 million in 2012. Moreover, he is the proud owner of the Amore Mio and Amore Mio II boats, a CPP-owned oil tanker measuring 274 meters. 

His net Worth is estimated to be $630 million as of 2022, and he is one of Lloyd's List's Top 100 Most Influential Shipping Individuals.

He is a prominent philanthropist who favors Greek nonprofit organizations. As the president of Olympiacos Football Club and as an individual, Mr. Marinakis has supported numerous causes. On the island of Crete, the 52-year-old businessman has pledged a private donation of €80,000 a year for the first ten years to a museum honoring the Greek poet Nikos Kazantzakis.

In September 2014, the capital city of Greece, Athens, unveiled an Alexander Ypsilantis bust directly financed by Evangelos Marinakis. While serving as President of Olympiacos, Mr. Marinakis funded thousands of Greek residents' meals in Athens through the Genesis Theotokos humanitarian foundation. In 2010, the club hosted the UNDP Match Against Poverty, raising more than $500,000 for Haitian and Pakistani earthquake victims.

Seeing the businessman with a politician, Mr. Marinakis won a seat on the Piraeus City Council in May 2014. Further, he has been the president and owner of the Greek soccer team Olympiakos FC since 2010, the most successful football team in Greece. Marinakis owns the club through his business, Abisso Holdings Ltd. Under his direction, Olympiacos won the Greek League seven years in a row.

Superleague Greece's president is Mr. Marinakis. He was the Hellenic Football Federation's vice president from 2010 to 2011.

Nottingham Forest Owner Earnings [Update 2022]

The Capital Product Partners' CEO is also the Nottingham Forest Football Club's owner. The club's headquarters are in West Bridgford, a town in the English county of Nottinghamshire.

A majority stake in Nottingham Forest, an English Championship team that has won two European Cups, was acquired by Mr. Marinakis. Early in 2019, the club began a £50 million renovation project at City Ground, turning it into a 38,000-seat stadium of the highest caliber.

On May 18, 2017, Evangelos Marinakis completed the acquisition of Nottingham Forest, ending Al-stint Hasawi's tenure as the club's owner. Nicholas Randall, the chairman of Forest, had promised that the team would play in Europe again in five years. However, four years into the Marinakis era, Forest continued to play in the Championship due to poor transfers and hostile club culture.

The club created in the summer of 2021 structural changes to correct prior mistakes. Forest hired Dane Murphy as Chief Executive, and George Syrianos was appointed by Forest as Head of Recruitment to adopt a more analytics-driven transfer policy. Forest's management promised to hire players for no more than £18,000 weekly to avoid the "short-termism" of recent transfer windows.

On September 21, 2021, Forest officially announced hiring Steve Cooper as the team's new head coach. The squad had achieved a spectacular turnaround from being at the bottom of the standings when Cooper took charge and is now earnestly contending for a promotion play-off position.

The Nottingham Forest club earnings are estimated as: 

Net Worth $51 million
Annual profit$40 million
Gross Profit $35 million
Market Value$1 billion
SourcesInvestors, Endorsements, Enterprise

Nottingham Forest Town Football Club, with an estimated net value of £89 million ($115 million), generates £25 ($33) million per year from ticket sales, television broadcasting rights, and advertising partnerships. The team makes about €38 ($47) million annually (£34 ($46) million).

Evangelos Marinakis's Wealth Fortune and Cars

Capital Maritime & Trading Corp was founded by Mr. Marinakis, who also holds the board's chairman position. As of 2017, the Capital Maritime Group operated a fleet of more than 70 vessels, including tankers, dry bulk carriers, and container ships. The Marinakis family owns Capital Maritime Group.

From March 2010 to September 2011, Evangelos Marinakos held the positions of Chairman and CEO of Crude Carriers Corp, a New York Stock Exchange-listed corporation. Additionally, he has served as Commercial Manager of Capital Ship Management Corp. and Chairman of Capital Product Partners LP.

For the famous song "Excitement" (also known as "Eksapsi") by Greek pop singer Natassa Theodoridou in February 2021, Marinakis wrote the lyrics. After its initial six days of release, the song's YouTube video gained one million views.

The businessman has his primary home in Athens and a house in London. Range Rovers and Ferraris are among Evangelos' impressive collections of automobiles. He appears to be an automobile freak.

Is Evangelos Marinakis Dating? Meet His Family

Greece's Piraeus is where Evangelos Marinakis was born on July 30, 1967, to his parents, Miltiadis and Irini Marinaki. His father, Miltiadis Marinakis, was a shipowner and a member of the Greek Parliament. He was born in Crete. Additionally, his father financially supported Olympiacos, the Piraeus football team.

He graduated from the American International University in London with a BA in International Business Administration and an MSc in International Relations. Nottingham Forest's Owner now divides his time between London, England, and Athens, Greece.

The businessman hitched to his wife, Anastaisa. The millionaire is the father of four children, and Miltiadis, his son, frequently attends games for the club. The millionaire was diagnosed with coronavirus in March 2020 but is now in good health. 

27% of Capital Product Partners, which is worth more than $250 million, is owned by Marinakis and his family. The fleet age of the company's more than 30 vessels is an average of six years. All yachts were bareboat leased to customers like Hyundai Merchant Marine, BP Shipping, and Maersk Line.


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