Eric Pyles Missing - Is The Case Still Unsolved? Details To Know


The missing news of Eric Pyles has also been reported by ABC27. ( Source : instagram )

The one piece of information that would have helped Pennsylvania State Police detectives with Reading-based Troop L in locating missing 12-year-old kid Eric Pyles has come and gone in the news.

On Tuesday, December 12, 2000, at 2:30 p.m., Eric Pyles disembarked from his school bus as he normally did.

On this particular day, a few of the 12-year-classmates old's noticed him leave in the opposite direction from where he typically walked to his Union Township, Pennsylvania, home.

He disappeared from view after cutting through the backyard of a house on Silvertown Road. He was never going to return to his home.

Is Eric Pyles Still Missing Or Has He Been Found?

On the afternoon of December 12, 2000, Eric Pyles was last seen close to his house in Union Township, Lebanon County. Since that time, the boy has vanished.

The missing boy hasn't been found in person for more than a decade now. Eric Pyles' relatives are still abusing their child.He hasn't been located as of 2022 and is missing to this day.

When Eric didn't come home on Tuesday from school, Maria realized that something wasn't right in this situation. By 4:00 pm, she had grown so concerned that she made the decision to alert the Pennsylvania State Police that her brother was missing.

The 20th anniversary of Eric Pyles going missing was reported on Fox43.
The 20th anniversary of Eric Pyles going missing was reported on Fox43. ( Source : fox43 )

Eric had a history of escaping, but he never ventured far from his house and he always came back soon after.

He had been in a good mood when he left for school that morning, Maria observed, and unless anything had upset him at school, he ought to have returned home right away.

The local community and volunteer firemen, in addition to the Pennsylvania State Police, started looking for Eric right away.

It was a chilly day, and once the sun set, temperatures were expected to plummet well below freezing. They were aware that they needed to identify the 12-year-old right away since hypothermia was a real risk.

Eric Pyles Case Update

After leaving the chapel and going into the woods, Eric Pyles's trail seemed to come to a stop. Nobody who had seen Eric after 2:45 PM on that Tuesday could be located by investigators.

They continued to look around the neighborhood of the church and Eric's house, but they were unable to find Eric. Maria said that although Eric had frequently mentioned moving to Virginia, she hadn't thought he would actually accomplish it.

Still missing is Eric Pyles, which is the most shocking development ever.
Still missing is Eric Pyles, which is the most shocking development ever. ( Source : missingalert )

Detectives visited Eric's parents and other relatives in the Shenandoah Valley, but they were unable to find any evidence of Eric's presence.

In his previous attempt to find a ride with a stranger, Eric had said that nobody had ever stopped to pick him up. Investigators were concerned that he might have tried to hitchhike to Virginia without understanding how risky it would be.

Eric Pyles Family Details

Eric Pyles is a native of Luray, Virginia, and both of his parents were residing there when he vanished. He had a habit of escaping, but according to officials, he typically came back after a short while.

Thomas, Eric's younger brother, and he had just lately settled in Pennsylvania. Their older sister, Maria, was given custody of them after their parents were charged with neglecting and abusing them when they were living with them in Luray, Virginia.

Still more unbelievable is Eric Pyles' disappearance.
Still more unbelievable is Eric Pyles' disappearance. ( Source : medium )

They were transferred into the house on Awol Road that Maria shared with her husband and three children. The change hadn't been simple.

Both Thomas and Eric had some behavioral problems, like many kids from homes where there was abuse. They didn't enjoy having to abide by Maria's regulations because they weren't accustomed to living in such a regimented environment.


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