Eddie Dempsey RMT Age and Wikipedia, Enough is Enough Campaign Details

RMT's Eddie DEmpsey, 40, calls out Tory Nonsense ( Source : Youtube )

Eddie Dempsey, 40, is the vice leader of the RMT and resides in a council home funded by taxpayers. 

Eddie Dempsey RMT Age and Wikipedia

Eddie Dempsey is the anti-immigration RMT representative who joined Russian paramilitaries occupying Ukraine on a solidarity tour. 

Moreover, he was employed as a security guard to deter "Syrian-looking" individuals from entering a venue where a far-right Assad supporter advocated the murder of medical professionals.

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Eddie Dempsey was chosen to serve as Assistant General Secretary in October 2021. In April 2022, he was promoted to Senior Assistant General Secretary. His 5-year term ends in October 2026. 

Eddie Dempsey, 40, the vice leader of the RMT, resides in a council home funded by taxpayers. He argued that all individuals should have access to council properties and that they weren't exclusively for those with lesser incomes.

Enough is Enough Campaign Details

Trade unionist Mick Lynch and Labour MP Zarah Sultana support the movement. The National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers' general secretary is Mick Lynch, which plans strikes for all UK transportation providers. The Communication Workers Union, ACORN Union, the Right To Food Campaign, and others are also sponsors.

They were working people long for a new political movement to stand with those most negatively impacted by rising costs and stagnant incomes amid the ongoing cost of living crisis in the UK.

Let's talk about the Enough is Enough campaign, which was started in reaction to the UK's escalating cost of living and energy crises. As Britain braces for economic hardship this winter, trade unions, community organizations, and MPs have banded together to "gain back dignity for working-class people."

Many homes in the UK are expected to see an increase in their yearly energy cost of over £1,800 starting in October (after an earlier hike of about £700 in April). Average annual expenses are expected to rise to £3,800 by the beginning of 2023, with some analysts predicting they may reach £4,200.

Campaigners aim to put pressure on the government and major corporations to accomplish objectives, including raising worker salaries and lowering energy costs. Here is all the current information about the Enough is Enough campaign.

The effort aims to prevent the worst effects of the UK's cost-of-living problem. These are its top five objectives: actual salary increases, reducing energy costs, ending hunger, fair housing for everybody, and taxing the wealthy and large corporations. 

The reinstatement of the £20-per-week universal credit uplift, the introduction of universal free school lunches, community kitchens, rent controls, and the requirement that the government builds more than 100,000 public and council homes annually are other, more specific objectives.

The campaign plans to begin protests in the following weeks, urging all its followers to participate. 

Who Is Eddie Dempsey?

RMT has dispatched another representative to speak with the media on their behalf, and because of his excellent interviewing abilities, people are comparing him to Mick Lynch. Dempsey also demanded that the housing crisis and price controls on energy corporations be addressed.

Similar to what they did with Lynch, Eddie Dempsey, senior assistant general secretary at the union, is being praised for his great work in defending the RMT's continued strike action.

In a Jeremy Vine interview, when asked if the striking union members were "greedy," he said it was the "profiteers" who were greedy.


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