Does Youtuber Ricegum Have A Girlfriend? Who Is He Dating In 2022?


American YouTuber and rapper Ricegum ( Source : Instagram )

RiceGum published a video on FamilyGum titled "We Broke Up, So I'm Meeting My New Crush," and fans have reason to believe that he is dating the female in the video.

Ricegum is a rapper who primarily appears in diss battles, even though diss culture is widespread in the hip-hop scene and has been for a long time.

He has a charming and attractive appearance, but when he starts rapping, he exhibits an incredible dualism. He is frequently described as a fearless and snobbish hip-hop celebrity who is always in the news for his disputes and dissing other internet celebrities.

However, the rivalry between the influencers and their love lives has been amusing. The person who Ricegum is dating or has dated previously has also been the subject of rumors and disputes. Let's learn more about Ricegum and his present relationships.

Does Youtuber Ricegum Have A Girlfriend?

Currently, RiceGum is seeing Ellerie Marie. He posted a photo of the two of them together and the message, "gf so cute (: HBD bby," to confirm the news.

Her Instagram bio reads, "san Diego | UC Irvine," and she is 19 years old. Based on that information, she might be from San Diego and attend the University of California, Irvine. That's not fully clear, though.

Ricegum with his girlfriend ( Source : Instagram )

Her account is @elleriemarie, and you can follow her there. She has 558k followers after just 36 posts, which is astounding.

She also has a Twitter account, @EllerieMarie. She has 14.2k followers there. 

The American city of San Diego is where Marie was born and raised. She is a student at the University of California, Irvine, right now. She gained notoriety after sharing amusing dance and lip sync videos on the social media site TikTok. She now has a sizable social media fan base.

Who Is Ricegum Dating In 2022? 

Ricegum is dating famous Tiktok star, Ellerie Marie. In July 2020, Ricegum posted a video with the caption "My ex-girlfriend calling me... we picked up" and a thumbnail featuring a female.

Abby Rao, a well-known Tiktok and Instagram influencer and the co-founder of the Clubhouse, was once involved with Ricegum. Near the end of 2019, Ricegum and Abby began dating. Since then, their relationship has been on and off.

Additionally, they shared content on their joint YouTube channel, "FamilyGum," including vlogs, challenges, and goody videos. However, after a short period, they ceased uploading videos, leading their admirers to believe that the couple had split up.

Ricegum posted a video titled "We Broke Up, So I'm Meeting My New Crush" on the FamilyGum YouTube channel, but there were no formal statements about their breakup. In this video, he referred to a new woman as his crush.

A lot of the viewers reacted when Abby inadvertently mentioned how uncomfortable she was with having another lady appear in their couple film, which was eventually released on his personal YouTube account.

Some viewers wondered who Ricegum was dating and if she was the girl, he referred to as his crush, while others thought it was impolite and unkind of Ricegum to broadcast Abby's response.

However, following their breakup, Abby spoke out about the abusive messages she got from Ricegum's followers and accused them of making her famous solely for him.

Ricegum Real Name 

Ricegum's real name is Bryan Quang Le. His self-titled YouTube channel, which he launched in 2012, has almost 10 million members, and his video has had close to two billion views.

In addition to criticizing songs, Ricegum often shares humorous films and practical jokes, some of which occasionally include his buddies and his supposed girlfriends.

The Monster headphones Super Bowl LII commercial included RiceGum. In the commercial, he portrays a man who designs a headset from scratch after listening to Iggy Azalea and has it approved by a manager.

The tracks "Bitcoin" and "Fortnite n Chill" by RiceGum were released in February and April of 2018, respectively.

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