Does Lirik Have A Girlfriend In 2022? His Net Worth and Earnings As A Streamer

Famous Twitch gaming streamer, Lirik ( Source : Instagram )

Twitch streamer Lirik is among the most popular streamers on the platform with his gaming streams where he does not show his face.

Lirik has been streaming on Twitch since 2011 and went viral after getting banned in 2020 on his day off, which helped him garner a huge fan base and followers.

Does Lirik Have A Girlfriend In 2022?

Although the streamer likes to maintain his privacy, Lirik disclosed that he has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Cassie, for some time now.

The gamer posted a picture of the two visiting Glitchcon in 2020, thanking Twitch for the zen espace. He further wrote, "Enjoyed it with my SO! Till next year!"

Lirik and his girlfriend at Glitchcon in 2020 ( Source : Instagram )

So that post on his social media confirmed that the two were dating. According to sources, his girlfriend is a German twitch star, but he likes to keep things private, so haven't spoken up about their relationship.

Although he does not share pictures of his partner, he loves to share photos of his cats, which he adores more than anything. Lirik is one of the few streamers on Twitch who does a variety of gaming streams without his webcam turned on.

It has become a trend now for faceless streamers on Twitch, but they usually have their virtual character on the screen, but with Lirik, it's just him speaking and the computer screen for the stream.

Lirik's Net Worth And Earnings As A Streamer

Lirik is easily one of the Twitch streamers with the highest net worth and earnings in the industry, with a net worth of more than $4 million and a monthly earning starting from $50000.

Since he is a streamer on Twitch and his subscriptions are his earnings, the streamer does not have a fixed earning each month, but he has been growing in subscribers in the past few years.

Lirik's streaming setup and his cat ( Source : Pbs )

Currently, Lirik has over 2.9 million followers on Twitch, with an average of viewers of around 20000-25000 during each stream that lasts approximately 5-6 hours a day.

Lirik started his career in 2011, streaming the famous World of Warcraft which was all the rage back in the day but slowly transitioned to DayZ. His streams began to get more viewers after the renowned game Player Unknown Battlegrounds, best known as PUBG, went viral.

Apart from his earnings from his streaming, he has a few more sources of income with his merch selling out so quickly and his sponsorship with Discord.

Lirik's Real Name

Most of his fans know the real name behind the online persona of Lirik, but for those who don't, Lirik's real name is Saqib Ali Zahid. The streamer is currently 31 years old and is living his dream earning money playing games in front of thousands of people.

Saqib is a cat lover and his two cats, Nayna and Nomu, are frequent visitors on his streams and part of his social media feed. Although he does not share many personal details about his life, he is still active on social media.

On Twitter, he loves to talk about his content with his followers, review his games, and let people know which games he will be playing. He has over 653.4k followers on Twitter with over 36.3k tweets.

Also, he is on Instagram, but he doesn't post very much as his last post was in March of 2022, but you can find some cute pictures of his cats there as well.


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