Did Paul Simon Have A Stroke, Is He Still Alive Or Dead? Details About The Musician

Paul Simon is rumored to be dead, and this photo by Myrna Suarez on releasing a thirteenth studio album, 'Stranger to Stranger.' ( Source : Facebook )

Paul Simon is an American musician rumored to be dead.

Simon is a musician, singer, songwriter, and actor who started his career in 1956. As a result, the musician spends six decades in the entertainment field. The musician was acknowledged as one of the most acclaimed songwriters in popular music. 

Moreover, Simon was raised in the borough of Queens in New York City and started performing with American singer Arthur Ira Garfunkel, his school friend, in their teenage years. He work in patnership with Garfunkel in the Flok rock duo Simon & Garfunkel. 

After rosing fame, Simon reunited with his school buddy and released a hoy son in 1996, The Sound of Silence. The two musicians recorded five albums and highlighted songs written mainly by Simon. The hits song working them together are Mrs. Robinson, America, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and The Boxer. 

Paul Simon Dead Or Still Alive

Simon is not dead; he is doing fine nowadays. He is currently 80 years and working on his songs. The singer started his music career in the 1950s and made his presence up now in the music world. Also, he was born in Newark, New Jersey, United States, on October 13, 1941, to Hungarian-Jewish parents.

Although Simon's father, Louis, was a college professor, he chose different aspects in his carrier line. His dad was a double bass player and bandleader at that time. He even performed under the name Lee Sims. Unfortunately, his dad died in 1995 at age 75. 

Anniversary of Paul Simon's 5th studio album, One Trick Pony, released in 1980 ( Source : Facebook )

Likewise, Simon's dad, his mother, was also an elementary school teacher who died in 2007 at age 97. His mother, the Belle, was six years older than his father. Nonetheless, his dad loses his life earlier than his mom. When they were alive, his family transferred to the Kew Gardens Hills in New York City in 1945. 

Donald Fagen, a co-founder leader singer, explained Simon's childhood was a stereotype. The musician's vital part of his life was music and baseball. The singer described it as the result of his parent's immigration and who felt like outsiders, so music and baseball were other alternative cultures for Simon. 

After listing the description, Simon did not deny it and said it wasn't far from the truth. He used to play stickball as a child and mentioned his dad as funny and intelligent. However, he works late and has no time to see his children often. 

At age 82, The renowned vocalist Bhupinder Singh demise on Monday at 7:45 p.m. in Mumbai's Andheri neighborhood's Criticare hospital. 

Did Paul Simon Have A Stroke?

People suspect the American singer Simon has a stroke. Although he had a fight from depression in previous days, he has not suffered from a brain attack. In 2013, he wrote the song Still Crazy After All These Years, which resulted in people to thought him fighting some illness. 

Simon is working on his song. The singer started performing in his teenage. When the musician was 11 years old, he met American musician Art Garfunkel and executed a production for their sixth-grade graduation in Alice in Wonderland. At 13, they began singing together at a school function. 

Simon and Garfunkel played college and university shows all through their early careers. Here is a poster from their show at Oberlin College in 1966. ( Source : Facebook )

Both singer idols were American rock duo The Everly Brothers. As a result, they used to imitate them and performed on the stage. Afterward, Simon started developing his interest in music genres Jazz, Flok, and blues. Also, he was especially interested in the music of Woody Guthrie and Lead Belly. 

For Garfunkel, at the age of 12 or 13, the musician wrote his first song, The Girl for Me. It became the neighbor hit song, and his father helped to make a paper for boys, becoming their official copyrighted song in the Library of Congress.  

Paul Simon Illness & Health Update

Simon may not be fighting from illness in his old age. The singer may be in good health as two days ago, on August 13, he mentioned Today marks the anniversary of Paul's 5th studio album, One Trick Pony, released in 1980.

one of only six musicians to have received the Grammy Award for Album of the Year more than once as the main credited artist, Paul Simon ( Source : Facebook )

Simon asked his fans, What's your favorite song from this record? The singer is frequently on social sites remembering his old albums and memories. He shared Edie Baskin Originals some days ago and more of his version of the music on his Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

Although he is running in his old age, he is still contributing his work in the music field. He is the copyright owner of his recordings. The singer won 12 Grammy Awards and five Albums of the year. He is counted as one of the six musicians to have won the Grammy Award for Album of the several times as the leading credited artist.


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