Did Magda Szubanski Lose Weight - Comedian's Diet Illness And Health Update


Magda Szubanski: Weight Loss Journey. Her Diet, Illness And Health Update ( Source : Content )

Comedian Magda Szubanski disclosed that her weight problems started when she was 11 years old, and her father advised her to starve herself to lose weight.

Comedian Magda lost weight in 2011 when she was signed as a weight loss ambassador for Jenny Craig. During that time, she lost 36 kilograms of her weight, dropping to 85kg from 121kg between 2009 and 2011, by following a diet program.

The talented Kath and Kim star dropped her contract with weight loss giant Jerry Craig after she started to gain weight. She explained that weight loss by dieting is doomed to failure in the long run as it is widely accepted that at least 85 percent of those who lose weight by dieting will regain that weight at some point.

Magdalene Mary Szubanski is an Australian comedy actress, author, singer, and LGBT rights advocate best known for her role as Sharon Strzelecki in Kath and Kim.

Magda Szubanski Weight Loss Journey And Diet Regimen

In an interview with mamamia, Magda revealed that she started to gain weight when she was 11 years old. She said that her father was fat as a kid and his mother was overweight, but her father lost the weight when he was a prisoner in a war camp.

She was motivated to lose weight when her weight started to show health complications. And she signed a contract with Jenny Craig, -a food and nutrition company that promotes and provides weight loss programs, as a weight loss ambassador. Following the program, she lost 36kgs in 2011.

Magda Szubanski; Lost 36kgs In 2011 ( Source : Nowtolove )

In an interview with Mia Freedman, she said that the weight she lost piled back on after publicly appearing gay as she used food as a coping mechanism when stressed. She mentioned that her weight was a flesh armor she created when struggling with her sexuality.

Szubanski again signed with the diet company Jenny Craig in 2014 to lose weight but left shortly after six months to continue her weight loss on her own.

Magda Szubanski Illness, And Health Update 

Magda Szubanski spoke about her health problems in the March issue of The Australian Women's Weekly. There she revealed that she gets 31 Botox injections in her forehead every three months to treat post-menopausal migraines caused by stress.

In the interview, she revealed she was anxious and had faced a challenging few years of coping with her mother's death and campaigning for marriage equality.

She also mentioned in an interview that she could not keep up with maintaining her weight because she suffers from calorie amnesia. She added calorie amnesia is a condition when you genuinely forget how much you have eaten.

In 2020, she was diagnosed with stress-induced post-menopausal migraines after a doctor initially feared she had a stroke. She was prescribed to get regular Botox treatments to help with migraines.

Magda started to have regular mini-strokes when her mother began to suffer from dementia and was moved into a nursing home, according to an article on nowtolove.com. Her mother was frail and tiny, consigned to a wheelchair, and sometimes thought Magda was her mother or her sister Mary.

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